Halo 5 Massive Map

Could Halo 5 Guardians possibly support a map about the size of the entire map in GTA V?
If so it would be pretty cool if we could fight on land air and space just by going up or down in a vehicle.

Just imagine Star Wars Battlefront but driving the bid ships and going down onto a planet and glassing it destroying the enemy team!

Yeah! And it could be like a really big version of invasion.

Probably, just would have to see how big they could get it without sacrificing too much detail.

I’d love a space level where you board a covenant ship like in the space battle levels in Star Wars Battlefront II. Or the space part in Halo Reach, just expanded.

I Hope they add invasion back, Many users have talked about adding BF style destruction in an Invasion style game type. Which would be awesome Hell add a “map pick up” or something similar with broad swords, or sabers, and stuf like that bombing the enemy. Add auto turrets barriers and such different wave/stages of play

It’s about how they’ve decided to use the hardware. Halo 5 looks good, but they definitely aren’t going graphics first (unlike Order 1886 or Ryse). Halo 5 is going to be “next-gen” in some other way - propably scale and size.