Halo 5 Maps Could be Better?

I’m not saying that Halo 5 maps aren’t good but they could be a little better. I love all the maps and they look good but if you go in Theater mode or Camera mode and go outside the maps, they are all pretty cool. For example, the new map Riptide, the outside looks so cool! A lake, beach, whale creatures, Pelicans flying by, etc. (Love the Easter Eggs by the way! The grunts and beach chairs) I’m just saying that what IF maps were bigger and you could like go outdoors. That would be so fun and cool because players can actually see how good maps could be. I really hope the new maps in the February Updates could be like this. This is just what I really want and what I think. What do you guys think? Would you guys like this? Maps were you can go indoors or outdoors.

A lot of them play like crap, tiny and riddled with power weapons. Truth and coliseum are honestly the only maps that I look forward to playing.

The BTB maps are outside but I want maps with water and like rivers. :wink: