Halo 5 main theme [full track]


Very very much liking it. Has a real Halo feel to it!

I will enjoy.

Thank you.

As Gaffers have mentioned, this is just the main theme from the beta with an updated title. There could be some touch-ups to the final version.

My ears came.

It’s just the beta song. I thought it would be new :frowning: It’s good but I’ve heard it about fifty times already.

Great use of the classic Halo theme, but I feel they go off point around the middle with the Piano, it just didn’t fit with the Beginning or the End.

Hm… Nothing new… I was hoping we’d get the new version of, you know, the actual Halo theme. The version we hear in the Blue Team intro and the Cinema first look. Can’t wait to hear the full track for that. In the Cinema first look the theme starts off with a bit of 117, then transitions into the theme we all know and love. Halo 5’s music is looking to be pretty good. It’s not that Halo 4’s music was bad. It wasn’t. The biggest mistake they made was not incorporating any of the old style/themes into it.

Don’t get me wrong though this track is freakin’ awesome. Just itching to hear that Halo theme.

sounds great!

Sounds epic. Idk why people are saying it’s the beta music, the beta music sounded different. Unless you changed the song or something.

Do you happen to know what the name of the beta menu music is or if it’s making it into the launch game? At 1:35 it sounds so dope.

I hadn’t listened to the main theme until now and I have to say, that was beautiful. The classic monks at the beginning is a nice touch but once the piano kicked in, it hooked me.