Halo 5 Main Menu, UI and Game Modes Design

Hello 343 Industries and Halo Fanbase,

For a while now I have been feeling that the current User Interface, Main Menu and Game Modes are not grasping their full potential. Each should have a specific designated amount of options that are specific to that game mode. Much like how the Campaign is extremely separate from the Multiplayer… due to different netcodes and the AI.

The Menu should be set up with five co-ordinated sections:

Campaign - Which has two subsections:

  1. Reclaimer Saga… The Master Chief Chronicles.
  2. Empty DLC Slots… Side Stories.


  1. Survival


  1. Matchmaking
  2. Custom Games


  1. Forge


  1. Theater

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This will create an easier Main Menu to traverse through especially for the new players. I will explain each section in great detail below…

1. The Reclaimer Saga will follow the Spartan-II known as John-117… throughout his journey of attaining his Humanity and the Mantle Of Responsibility. (This will be available free upon purchasing Halo 5).

2. The Empty DLC Slots will be downloadable short campaigns that expand the known Halo Universe. It will be paid content, that is not necessary for the main story, but is a great addition to getting to know past and present characters… this should be modeled like ‘Ramms Shadow’ and Halo 3: ODST where players perspectives are of different factions and characters… It would be a great way to create a foundation for new characters that will create a pivotal role in the Reclaimer Saga… so perhaps players take on the role of the Ur-Didact, Arbiter or Eldar Chieftain of the Jiralhanae… these would be about 3 hour long campaigns… to which the timeline does not necessarily have to be in the present. And to which the player upon purchase (about $15-20) would get some new cosmetic dlc too… armor pieces, armor skins, weapon skins, stances, emblems… perhaps even a new map. This would be the proper evolution of Halo 4 Spartan Ops. The game mode would be four player co-operative… to which player one is the main hero and the other co-operatives are his companions. (This is paid-content only).

Didact’s Fall - this would follow the Ur-Didact, Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star, in the Human-Forerunner War and the Flood-Forerunner War. He will battle Ancient Human-San 'Shyuum Empire and talk with the Lord Of Admirals, Forthencho. He will later battle the Flood, and talk with the Primordial, to which is the catalyst for his madness… he might also talk with the Master Builder, Faber, the Librarian, First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song, the Contender-class Ancillas, Offensive Bias and Mendicant Bias, and of course his imprinted counterpart the Iso-Didact, Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting. This back story will create a fundamental standpoint for the Precursor test, the return of the Flood, the Mantle of Responsibility, Mendicant Bias, Bornstellar and the Forerunner exile, the Composer, the Prometheans… and his hatred for Humanity. Players would take on the roles of the Ur-Didact and fellow Warrior-Servants… to which in the final missions the warrior-servants have been composed into Knight Battlewagons, with additional abilities to summon watchers. [This will be a survival-based campaign to which creates the feeling of helplessness and extinction… and sends empathy for the Didacts goals]

Arbiter’s Ascension - this would follow the Arbiter/Kaidon, Thel 'Vadam, during the closing of the Great Schism and the reforming of the Covenant. The Arbiter will battle against the Jiralhanae clans that are attempting to pillage Sanghelios and also play a diplomatic role, to which he would attempt to reunite the Keeps of Sanghelios. He will sometimes be faced with assassination attempts… as well as be challenged to a duel of honor in sword combat… to which it is more like a 1v1 boss battle. The Arbiter will fight of the Servants Of Abiding Truth… to which is the catalyst for the reformed Covenant Remnant. The players will take on the role of Arbiter and fellow supporting Sangheili… like Rtas 'Vadum, N’tho 'Sraom, Usze 'Taham. [This will be a diplomatical campaign to which the more favor the Arbiter holds the less assassinations and in-fighting is required]

Fortitude of Lydus - this would follow the Eldar Chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Lydus, who would be recovering from the Great Schism and reuniting the Brute clans. He would be tasked with being the strongest Jiralhanae and must show his leadership and prowess through battle. He will battle the wild carnivorous species of Doisac, to which could explain why he lost his nose, and also could lead raids against Sangheili colony worlds for supplies and resources… Players would take the role of Lydus, and his fellow Brute Bodyguard. [This will be a supremacy based-campaign that is won by sheer strength and force]

The reason these are to cost about $15 - $20 is because the developers, voice actors, music composer, equipment, studios, alpha and beta testers, and marketing needs to be paid. I believe this is the proper expansion of Spartan Ops… rather to which the short-campaign has no set time limit to put boundaries on the creation and perfecting of the story that 343 Industries want to pervade.





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