Halo 5 Machinina Project Voice Auditions

So if you read my last post about the machinima and the voice auditions, you probably saw that the audition was short with no details. So here’s the full details of the voice auditions. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY FOR VOICE AUDITIONS.

  • Need Audacity to record sample of you voicing a character - Needs to be strong, expressed with emotion and feeling like you’re having a regular conversation - Well-Rehearsed - Put a title on the character you’ll audition as well as your gamertag in the .mp3 file, in order to not be confused with who’s playing who - Need to follow on the character’s personality - Microphone required - Clear without background noise, meaning studio-like recordingAnd I’ll put the characters in the spoilers below as well the script for Episode 1. You have until June 13th, 2016 to submit voice auditions via YouTube.

[UPDATE 4/29] There was some confusion on the .wav file thing for the voice audition, so I’ve updated the requirements (on YouTube) on here to solve this confusion.

[UPDATE 5/2] The deadline is now being pushed a month later from the original date. So it’ll be June 13, 2016 to submit voice auditions via YouTube.

[UPDATE 6/12] As of 6/12, the machinima has been put on hold, but the voice auditions can be posted at anytime.

How to submit voice auditions via YouTube:

  1. Put .mp3 file on an editing program and render.
  2. Title will be “Halo Machinima Voice Audition [Insert Character’s name]”
  3. Upload it unlisted
  4. Send message with video link to the YouTube account: godzillafan815.

Characters To Audition For:

Jacob “Jay” Johnson: Team Leader like Gabriel Thorne or Agent Locke, humor and personality like Agent Washington and Buck; Marksman; Leader of Fireteam Sword; Ex-ODST; Experienced the death of his ODST squad by the Covenant during the Battle Of Earth; Muay Thai fighting style

Ellen “Ellie” Harris: Understandable and relatable; Half personality of Palmer, but as a regular SPARTAN and a bit humerous; 2nd Member of Sword; Ex-Marine; Experienced both the Fall Of Reach as well as Battle Of Earth; Marksman as well; Military Combat fighting style

Jin Miyamoto: Way of the Ninja; Former Student of Master Hayabusa (Spartan Hayabusa, different Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden/Dead Or Alive Series); Brother was “killed” in an invasion of the dojo by the rebels**; Ex-Marine also; Ninjitsu Fighting style; 3rd member of Sword**

Jerome-092: Personality from Halo Wars series/Personality like Master Chief and Blue Team; Former leader of Red Team; MIA, but reinstated into combat; 4th member of Sword

Zack-B407: Each distinct ability from every NOBLE Spartan from NOBLE Team; Former leader of NOBLE-Beta; MIA during the Fall Of Reach; Formerly known as NOBLE 7; 5th member of Sword

Leonidas “Leo” Miyamoto: Big brother to Jin; Leader of Fireteam Sparta; Former student of Master Hayabusa; Almost died from rebel invasion of the dojo, but save by Helios and Arbiter, Pankration fighting style

Helios: Hybrid of Human and Shangheli; 2nd member of Sparta; Agent to Arbiter; Shangheli combat style

Jared Miller: Personality from Halo 4’s Spartan Ops; Mission Handler; 1st Lieutenant and is 2nd in charge of all of the SPARTANs

Ivan Wilson-W666: Ex-Sword member and Ex-SPARTAN; AWOL; Works for “War Master”; Little brother of James; Bounty Hunter

James Wilson-W999: Ex-Sword member and Ex-SPARTAN; AWOL ; Works for “War Master”; Big brother of Ivan; Bounty Hunter

URF Soldiers (Anyone): Grunt Soldiers; Oppoing the UNSC and ONI; Die easily

Episode 1 Script

Episode 1 Script

April 1st, 2558. Nine months after the events of Halo 4 and during the events of Halo: Escalation, inside UNSC Infinity, Jacob “Jay” Johnson, leader of Fireteam Sword, gets called in by Spartan Jared Miller to inform him that he and his team are now able to do missions as well as two new members joining Sword waiting in the firing range, but Jay takes it as an April Fools’ prank and leaves. Camera is on an angle shot, behind Ellie, who is waiting for Jay outside Miller’s office not showing her helmet.

Ellie: Standing outside of Miller’s office waiting for Jay. How was it?

Jay: It was weird, to be honest. Both Jay and Ellie walk to a hallway to the firing range, continuing their discussion. As they walk and talk, multiple camera shots and angles are following them without showing their helmets. I mean, getting called in on April Fools’, Miller could be up to something after I got him last year.

Ellie: Who knows what’ll happen. What did he tell you?

Jay: He told me we got two new members for our team, and we’re supposed to meet them in the firing range.

Ellie: Isn’t Jin over there?

Jay: Told me that he was going there to shoot some rounds. Other than that, we’re offically in the green for missions.

Ellie: In excitement. Really?

Jay: Yeah! We’re number five in the games, and all that hard work did pay off for the three of us.

Ellie: But not for the other two…

Jay: Ivan and James?

Ellie: Yup. They went AWOL after they tried to exploit ONI for being the “Bad Guy.”

Jay: In disgust. They never learn do they… Both Jay and Ellie are close to the firing range. I’m just worried about the new guys…

They stop in front in the firing range, and Ellie stands on the other side from Jay, face-to-face.

Ellie: Jay, it’s gonna be okay. I know you didn’t trust those two, but sometimes, we all need to believe in faith. Now come on, we’re late to meet the newbies.

They enter the firing range. Scene changes to the firing range, and the camera is in a zoomed angle on Jerome firing an assault rifle. He finishes a magazine and lowers his weapon and turns around to exit on one of the firing booths.

Jerome: As he turns to the right, he sees Jay and Ellie. Camera is behind Jerome as Jay and Ellie approaches him. You’re late.

Jay: As he and Ellie goes to Jerome. Sorry it took long, we had to deal with some- He sees Jerome and is nearly speechless. -Holy -Yoink-…

Camera slowly looks up to reveal Jerome.

Jay: Suprised after seeing Jerome. I guess Miller wasn’t -Yoinking!- with me about this one…

Ellie: Asking Jay. Who’s the rookie?

Jay: In a fanboy state. Rookie?! Are you kidding me? This is Jerome-092 of Red Team! I read stories of him and the crew from Spirit of Fire back in high school, but seeing him in real life is truly an honor.

Ellie: In confusion. I thought he was MIA after '31.

Jerome: Responding to Ellie. It’s a long story.

Jin appears from one of the firing booths after he hears the three of them talking.

Jin: You finally met him.

Jay: You knew?

Jin: I was about to shoot some rounds when out of nowhere he shows up. So we just fired some rounds.

Jerome: Asking everyone. Who is the leader of Fireteam Sword?

Jay: Responding nervously. I-I am, sir, but where’s the second guy? Miller informed me that there’s another guy on our team.

Jerome: He’s coming. He had to deal with something, but for now, it’s just the four of us on the first mission.

Jin: Asking Jay. We’re in the green?

Jay: Responding enthusiastically. You bet your -Yoink- we are! Let’s go meet Miller in his office for our first mission.

Everyone leave the firing range and heads to Miller’s office. Camera fades to black to reveal title. Credits roll.

End of Episode 1

I’ll look into this further but I feel I must note that there were never more than 400 Beta Company S-IIIs.
Also Sangheili/Human hybrids are impossible.

Do you have any lines you want us to read from?

> 2533274839809239;3:
> Do you have any lines you want us to read from?

Yep… sounds interesting…