Halo 5 machinima

Hello community, I am looking for people wanting to be body/voice actors in machinimas I want to create, I dont have many voice actors and i haven’t made a machinima before but i have been in some and i have ideas and a burrning passion to make these, if you are intrested message me.
We also have space for people in our spartan company but will most likeley be prioritizing people who are frequent voice/body actors over others, and will most likely be hosting custome games frequently thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I’m Scottish, can do a very large amount of voices, accents and impressions too. I have a HyperX2 Cloud headset too.

yea that sounds good.
I am totally game for that.

I would be interested I have a good amount of armor and visors. I would love to help. I have a different account with my actual GT
i have two halo waypoint accounts this is not my main account.

Hey I would be up for acting in any way. I am a teenager with a low voice on the east coast (USA). My skype is TotallyNotAFox.