Halo 5 Machinima Improvement Suggestions

With Halo 5 coming later this year, I figured now would be a good time to suggest the things that I feel would help to improve machinima creation capabilities in Halo 5. As someone who felt that Halo 4 was lacking in the machinima creation department, I’m hoping 343 will be able to remedy some of the issues with Halo 5.

Below you will find my suggestions to improve Halo 5 machinimas:

Proper Weapon Lowering

  • Button Combo
    I believe the best button combo for triggering weapon lowering does not include jump. If jump is not included, it keeps the creator from having to use cuts and other camera tricks to utilize weapon lowering in the middle of the scene. Reach’s button combo for weapon lowering was the best one in my opinion.

  • Behavior
    I believe weapon lowering should work the way it used to in Halo 3 and Reach where the weapon would stay lowered, even if the character moved. This also negatively affected crouching in Halo 4, as it made it difficult to convey dialogue due to the character model being locked into one position once crouched.
    Improved Theater Functionality

  • Killfeed and Medals
    I believe we should have the ability to turn off the killfeed and medals in Theater. There were some instances where even though I was in free cam mode in Halo 4, the killfeed and/or medals would still appear and ruin the shot. It would be beneficial if this bug was fixed, or if we had the option to toggle the killfeed and medals off altogether.

  • Rewind, Forward, Skip to Time, Etc.
    I believe the controls for these functions need to be better implemented than they were in Halo 4. There was not enough of a buffer for rewinding, which often resulted in having to fast forward through something you already had previously, which is extremely frustrating if it happens constantly.

I also believe that having the ability to jump to a specific time in the film would be beneficial. If you know something specific happens at 15 minutes into the film, it would be much quicker to jump to that point rather than fast forwarding through the film to it. If the ability to fast forward at a quicker pace (such as 4x, 8x, 16x, etc.) was added, that would make things much better if skipping to a certain time isn’t feasible.

  • Toggle Walls, Scenery, Etc.
    I believe having the ability to toggle off walls, scenery, and any other obstacles in Theater would be very beneficial to creators. There have been many times during shooting that I wouldn’t be able to get the shot that I wanted due to having a wall be just enough in the way that I couldn’t get the shot. Having the ability to toggle these off would allow for more variety in the shots that creators could utilize in their productions.

  • Announcer
    I believe there should be a way to toggle off the in-game announcer in Theater. There have been quite a few instances where I would have a shot be flawless until the announcer popped up and announced kills, time left, objective dropped, etc. This audio would often times be out of place and ruin the shot.
    No Weapons

  • Make It Possible
    I believe there should be some way to make it so that a character does not have weapons. This was possible through a glitch in Halo 3 and Reach and I would like to see the feature return in some form. This was not possible to do in Halo 4 due to the character model completely breaking when the glitch was used. I would like to see either having an option to spawn with no weapons implemented or being able to do this glitch again without the model completely breaking.
    Guest Account Unlocks

  • Guests Have What Main Has
    I believe guest profile unlocks should work similar to how they did in Halo 4, in that whatever the main profile signed in has, the guest profiles also have. This feature saved so much time when outfitting characters as I didn’t have to go and unlock all the different armor pieces on various accounts like I had to in previous games.
    Map Boundaries

  • Less Restrictions
    I believe having less restriction where players can venture to in maps would be great for creators. Even if you only made it available in Theater, this would make it much easier for creators to get shots that they normally wouldn’t be able to otherwise due to the map boundaries.
    Clean Surfaces

  • Overlay Use
    I believe having a wider selection of clean surfaces such as glass pieces, etc., would allow creators more variety in the surfaces they could use as backdrops when using overlays, as well as have less distractions in the background in general.

  • More Control
    I believe allowing creators to have greater control of lighting, either through a setting or in Forge, would be beneficial. Many creators have the ability to tweak the lighting of their shots in post-production, but for those who do not, this would be something that would be helpful to have.
    Green Screens

  • Lighting
    I believe the lighting on these should work as it did in Halo 4. It allows for easier use of the screen for creators.

  • Clean Surface
    I believe the surface of the screen should stay as clean as it was in Halo 4 so that creators can still easily use them.

  • Can Be Removed
    I believe the feature to remove/have blank emblems should make a return in Halo 5. If a creator does not want to have an emblem on a character, they should be able to.
    Spartan Chatter

  • Option to Disable
    I believe there should be an option to disable Spartan chatter. I love this new feature being introduced in Halo 5, but it could cause a lot of issues if a creator wants to do a scene that’s quiet or something along those lines. Even if it’s only an option in Customs, that would be great.

  • Easier to Give Characters Proper Weapons
    I believe having an option to have loadouts would benefit creators. In using loadouts, creators can easily create specific loadouts for certain characters so they have their weapons on spawn, as opposed to having to lay out a bunch of weapons off screen for them to pick up.
    Objective Items

  • Ability to Drop
    I believe having the ability to drop objective items would be beneficial to creators. This way creators would not have to either throw the item or score it before being able to have the character have their weapons back.
    Quieter Shield Doors

  • Ruins Audio
    I believe the audio that is produced by shield doors should be lowered significantly. I don’t know how many creators out there use them, but for me they’ve ruined quite a few shots due to the audio being so loud. I use them for a variety of things and it would be great if I could use them without having to work around their ridiculously loud audio.
    Dead Body Despawn Time

  • Increase Time or Add Option
    I believe increasing the time dead bodies remain in-game would be beneficial to creators who need dead bodies in their shots. Having them last longer or giving an option to increase the time would make it easier for creators to have single takes rather than having to use multiple shots and camera tricks to accomplish a shot that requires dead bodies.
    Forerunner Weapons

  • Component Issue
    I believe that if Forerunner weapons are going to be included in Halo 5, something should be done about the issue present in Halo 4 where if you lowered a Forerunner weapon, the orange components of the weapon still remained on screen. This causes issues if a creator wants to use a first person perspective because it leaves a bunch of clutter on the screen.

Those are the suggestions I have at this time; I’ll be sure to add more if I think of them. If any of you have suggestions on how to improve the ability to make machinimas in Halo 5, I’d love to hear them. :slight_smile: