Halo 5 - Loving It or Not Loving It?

Thought I’d go about this somewhat scientifically rather than trying to make sense of thousands of forum posts.

I’m digging it. The matchmaking is silky smooth, very refreshing coming from MCC. Campaign’s level design is fantastic. All the little nooks and crannies accessible from clamber and thruster increasing verticality and options. I feel like my first rank is going to be pretty random since I roll solo in MM and have gotten garbage for teammates/gods for opponents for the first few matches, but I’ll get over it. If I cared about my rank, I’d get a crew of friends and use voice chat.

Pleasantly surprised by Warzone and Reqs. Though I wish there were more AI encounters or a persistent presence of them, the game mode is really interesting and unique. It’s an objective we’ve never seen before in Halo.

I was hoping this would be different from past Halos and in a sense it is, but I just cannot stand Halo multiplayer. I know I must be crazy, but I am constantly one or two shot killed while I put entire clips into people with no result. And it is not my internet, router, or modem. They are all amazing and fully open and set up properly with port forwarding etc. I guess I am just more of a Battlefield/Battlfront guy.

And I just cannot stand all the jumping - which is part and parcel for Halo. Boots on the ground soldier…

I’m loving it. although its not the greatest halo imo, its in my top 5 favorites. the only problem i have with it is the story (although still fun) was a little disappointing and only 3 blue team missions really bummed me out (and seriously 343, a cliffhanger ending?!) that and the fact the story was kinda falsely advertised. but its still not as bad as people are making it out to be. other than that, the multiplayer is awesome. defiantly one of if not the best multiplayer shooter of the year. the req system is addicting and not as broken as i thought it was going to be. overall, its really good, and no doubt forge is going to make it even better. id give it a 8/10, most likely a 8.5 or 9 when forge and all the dlc/ additional weapons and vehicles come out.