Halo 5 Lighting Effects and Other feedback

I would like to know if there is anyone out there who also has issue with the general lighting effects in the Guardians beta?

I’m struggling to play this game because I find the sheer overload of lighting effects on the map surfaces a real distraction on my eyes. In previous halo games I have never had this issue. I find the combination of increased environmental detail and lighting effects too much on my eyes and I struggle to pick out other players in some situations. Some areas are too dark, other ares are suddenly so bright and the contrasts mean that I get disorientated and plus don’t always notice/see the weapons. I’m admittedly not the best Halo player but this is a big blocker for me. On Truth I feel like everything is too shiny, and I struggle the most on this map to tell whats going on.

I really think/hope 343i should consider pairing down some lighting effects/contrasts or have an option of reducing the effects on a personal basis. I personally think its over the top/overused and is detracting from the gameplay for me.

Other feedback:

  • Prophets Bain is very difficult to use for me as I cant see whats going on because of the glare. Lighting again . I guess im sensitive.

  • The Talking among Spartans is really grating after playing a few games.

  • Some of the weapon scopes and their zoom animations detract from the action for me and confuse my eyes. I much preferred the old simple cross-hairs, so you can see everything on screen. - The start and end screen is so cheesy with the Spartan team standing, Its slows down starting, ending matches and after the first time you see it you just think “whats the point”. It feels so OTT and the red and blue colours look really wrong, and it doesn’t feel very Halo

  • The map camera zoom in and voice “Control the power weapons…” is unnecessary and again feels like your wasting time… slowing down matchmaking. One thing I really like about Halo is the “straight in” approach, especially in Halo 3.
    With last 2 points, I just think for people who play over a couple hundred matches are going to get bored of this extra stuff.

  • The Prophet’s Bane is supposed to be bright as an offset to the increased movement speed a player receives while wielding it.- I like most of the chatter as many people I play with don’t use mics, but I don’t really need to know when someone is picking up a DMR.- I generally focus on the player and not the scope, but I can see how it would be distracting.- Difference of opinion, I don’t mind the start/end screen. Gives me a chance to see the my armor when I’m not dead or in the customization screen.- Difference of opinion, nice to know what power weapon is on map and a general idea of where it is (though I know the ultra competitive will disagree). I will agree that I don’t need Jeff to tell me how to play each gametype. That could be a little blurb written out at the gametype selection screen or you could figure it just by playing the game.