Halo 5 LFG Site

I hope to see a Halo 5 LFG site get created for single player, achievement hunting, multiplayer, etc.

What are your thoughts?

I use https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/504760bd1678460abcc89e5f5e1ad7a1/topics

You can do all that here in the forums. It would be nice to see videos and stuff. Then again, youtube…

A Facebook group may be an easier way to do this than a forum or youtube channel. This has worked really well with Destiny.

I’m looking for 5 others to do a custom game message blackbelt963 to join

Looking for warzone players msg on xbox one

Need 3 for slayer add TOMMYGUNZZ92

Halo 5 arena!

Oh yes LFG so we can have super ridiculous requirements being asked:

Looking for team

Must be Level 100 +
Must have 2.0 + K/D
Must use xXXx on their GT’s for MLG pro
Must own the HCS skin and emblem
Must not be a squeaker
Must go positive every time
Must have 80% Win ratio

No scrubs!

  • bluereddragon22 campaign legandary looking for four message me for an invite.

HEY im hosting some custom games if you want to join my GT is MrTicTac 21105

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