Halo (5) Level Intro (Detailed) (Long)

Here is what I would believe to be a great level intro in the beginning of the new Halo for Xbox One. It will give convenient timing for returns of characters, weapons and debuts of characters created to replace what was lost. So without further ado, this is my idea…

You wake from cryo after rendezvousing with the marines last mission whatever it was. Maybe it’s the first time meeting back up with the UNSC since the beginning of Halo 5. However this time around, we’re introduced to a realistic and recreated ODST unit. So you wake with some ODSTs and you go through a rejuvenation process like training while the ODSTs get ready to drop and it kind of runs parallel to how we saw the USCM marines prepare in the beginning of the Aliens film. It would be awesome. Then you meet an ODSTwho will eventually become the new Johnson and your crew pile into a pelican and you take your seat as you hear a voice from a pilot who becomes the new foe hammer like a personal valet and you drop from the hanger doors and the suspensions that held the pelican from falling from the Infinity and you drop into space over a new planet.

Then the thrusters kick in and your controller starts to vibrate like crazy and the ODSTs are all making jokes and being relaxed and you are witnessing everything in first person and you have the option to look around and the pelican starts to shake uncontrollably as you hear the pilots voice over the intercom stating the atmosphere has been breached.

The pelicans back then opens up and you slowly start to see rays of light start to flood through the cracks of the pelicans back door and you see the radiant sun blazing into the dropship and the ODSTs just look out and pay no attention as if its normal and you see some kind of giant birds fly past starting to reveal this new planets beauty.

As the pelican starts to descend from the clouds you start to see a vast forest completely hiding the mountains under all the fresh greens. The pelican continues to fly and you eventually start to fly majestically over an ocean where you see some kind of weird alien fish until finally you reach another forest where you see gunfire so you look at your Assault Rifle and load a clip into it and -Yoink- it, carefully locking back in the gun holster next to your seat as you pull out a refurbished SMG to fit the new Halo and making its return to the series. The ODSTs then follow your example and they get serious.The pelican finally comes to a halt and hovers above a clearing not to far from the firefight.

The pelican starts to lower to the ground and all the ODSTs hop out all pumped and adrenaline rushed and you have to hold (X) and you get out of your seat and you pick up the SMG and place it on your leg due to the magnet used for pistols. Then you upholster the Assault Rifle and you walk to the exit of the pelican and take a small hop onto the grass as you take control of the Chief for the first time since you boarded the pelican. If you move towards your objective market you see the ODSTs have got into formation and run into the dark jungle synchronized and you walk into the jungle following your comrades.

Once in the jungle, you personally, get a Vietnam type feel or esque or the way you felt in the first level of Halo 3 (Sierra 117) about the situation and you see your ODSTs all crouched waiting for you. The Chief then opens his hands and looks at Cortanas empty memory chip and you regroup with the ODSTs as your first objective is typed across the screen… locate the Elite held captive. (In my mind the elite captive would be the Arbiter’s debut to the reclaimer saga.)

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