Halo 5 Legendary Person Required (2X)

Would like to complete Halo 5 Legendary Coop with 4 people if possible.
I already have one friend willing to help!
Won’t be doing this straight after launch, but possibly a week or two after launch.

We are both British, experienced players, have mics and are keen to have 2 more people join us!!

Just comment with your GT below if you’re interested and I’ll send you a message!

ALSO: Don’t just assume we’ll ditch you once campaign is complete, we’d love a few people to join us often when Halo 5 releases with Multiplayer/Forge/Custom games!!


I just started playing halo again for 2 weeks, i played halo CE when it came out 10 years ago on PC and bought a xbox one and MMC back in april but moved on to other games from then as mmc was bugged even more…

Now i am back and i can handle heroic missions okish if i am carefull and take it slow.

Still got alot to learn tough.

My gt is avitus1990, i live in holland so there is a 1 hour time difference between us if you guys take me.

Hope to hear from you soon