Halo 5 LCE Digital Download Problem

Anybody else have this issue: Redeemed digital download code that I got in the LCE but did not download it due to limited space on hard drive. Now, when I go to look at my games in the “my games and apps” tile, Halo 5 doesn’t show up.

Does this happen for anyone else, and if so, did you resolve the issue? I looked in the store at each version and bundle of Halo 5 and none prompted me to “install”… they all prompted to buy again.

Once you make room on your HDD it will be in the my games and apps section. On the far right under “Ready to Install.”

Tried that too. I cleared out 75 GB but it still doesn’t appear there unfortunately.

Have you tried a hard reset of your console

Yeah, I think I did. Not too sure of what a “hard reset” or “power cycle” is, but I held the xbox power button down to turn it off (I believe this clears the cache). After a minute or so of it being off, I unplugged it for another 10 minutes. Then plugged back in the power and started it up… nothing.

its been two days and my game is still downloading… SMH

Haha don’t know what’s worse, redeeming the code and not being able to see the install at all or having the game install glitchy and take super long/multiple times to finish.

I guess both are equally frustrating.