Halo 5 LAG!!

So I just bought this game yesterday at 11pm. It took 12 hours to download onto my Xbox one. I was able to play through the campaign no problem. Great story. But I go to play online and the lag is so bad I want to throw my controller. Anyone know why it’s doing this? I looked up that it did this back in 2015,2016 but the game has been out for a while now. This stuff should be patched by now. I’ve tried playing other games. Siege works awesome and so does halo master chief collection online too. It’s just halo 5 multiplayer that is being like this.

It is most likely due to your search settings or region. If there are no/very few players in your region, you will have to use expanded search. When using this, you will get atleast 2 seconds of lag (form my experience anyway). So check if you are using expanded, and try searching under balanced. If the search times out (showing an error message) then you basically are stuck with expanded.

It finds games on balanced and that lags. So does expanded. I’m just not getting any clean games. I hope I didn’t just waste 20$ on a -Yoink- game.

I’ve played since the game was first released. I noticed the lag returning this season as well. I play on focused matching preference and find games relatively quickly. I think it may be a server problem and hopefully gets fixed soon.

Sorry about your luck, but you can post your latency issues in this thread: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/server-reports-latency-disconnects-etc/94237e5e-3dba-4a03-b2bd-670defa11329/posts

Make sure to read the OP and reply as constructively as possible :slight_smile:

Hope your lag dies.

Happy Haloing!