Halo 5 lag.

I have a question that hopefully I can get an answer to or get helped. My halo 5 randomly started getting laggy a few days ago. My connection is good but the game itself is so laggy. The reqs take forever to load during game and during main menu. So I can never switch weapons on warzone because the data/req never loads. Then the game is laggy too. Its horrible,I get killed yet walk around for a few seconds before the “press x fo respawn” caption pops up and just the game is really laggy. So I have two questions: has there been a halo 5 update that I need to install so I wont be so laggy? Or do I need to do the whole xbox one update that was released a week ago??? Please help

Well i thinks if you update your xbox wont be bad :wink: and let de xbox search for an update for your halo.

Sometimes it’s laggy but no really bad… since somedays i cant reciev my service reports all the time and some characters of players got some frame drops… they aren’t lagging but the character moves with 20 frames for 1 sec or two.

I hope you can solve your problem.

Sentinel CH over and out