Halo 5 Lag Like Never Before

1.Picture of the LAG
2.Picture of the LAG
Last Picture of the LAG

Now please note that this was in December of last year. And yes I did have connection issues at the time; But don’t worry my connection is better now.

If anyone knows how to copy URL of Xbox Clips. That would be awesome!

Gamer DVR - Xbox clips, Twitch clips and streams, Xbox screenshots, Xbox videos, Xbox DVR and more on Gamer DVR! I get lag a lot now too when I never used to. You can see how delayed it is when I get my first kill in the clip.

PS: Don’t think I’m a high enough rank to post links.

Why did you make me download these pictures? Link to Imgur or something.

Sorry about that people

I have never had lag problems

LAG? But didn’t they turned Region Lock on, making everyone outside US unable to play freely at any time, just to remove latency from our matches???
Are you saying to me that, since February, i’m struggling to find a game every single time (with TONS of fuc*ing “Unable to Match” messages) FOR NOTHING???!!!

Oh, don’t worry, against all what lot of people say on this forum, like “Region lock is life!” or “Without region lock Halo would be dead!!” (and bullsh*ts like these) I ALREADY KNEW IT SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING.

The lag is out of control since last update. Rubber band nightcrawlers every other match.