Halo 5 keeps crashing after match results

Halo 5 keeps keeps crashing after a match; it just freezes with no music but is stuck on the after match results. You have to manually close down the game and start it back up. This has happened numerous of times on my Xbox One S.

I just recently purchased an Xbox One X and had a fresh install of Halo 5 and it’s happening on that machine too.

I’ve tested this multiple times with an open nat for both units.

This tends to happen to me if I try to back out of the auto queue after a match.
Normally doesn’t freeze if I just let it keep going.
Not sure if this is the same thing as you.

Happens to me and has happened to me since this game was released the menus post game and req etc have always been buggy and freeze all the time of I’m locked in for a good couple of hour session it’s at least once an hour I have to close H5 and restart I hope this issues is sorted for Infinite

Thanks for letting me know this is an issue. Hopefully… will be fixed one day.

I hope it goes away