Halo 5 issues

Ever since the hammer storm update I keep getting booted out of matches for no reason, it doesn’t even come up with an error message it just boots me to the main menu! Even custom games that i’m in!? I’ve even been booted to the main menu just from sitting in an arena lobby after a game ended, just bought a gold pack with req points, just as it’s about to open I yet again get given a loading screen and taken to the main menu, I go into my requistions to check that I haven’t just lost 10,000 req points (which quite frankly is a joke for a gold pack considering I never get any ultra rare or legendarys in them and just get uncommons) and it says “retreiving data” brilliant, I never get bored of seeing that, so anyway I reboot my game and check again, surprise surprise, my req points have gone and no new unlocks, what a load of ****, I’m getting fed up with this unstainable game, sort it out please!

Thankfully I’ve never had that happen, sounds crap.
How often are you getting kicked??

If you haven’t got all the rare items, why are you buying gold packs.
Buy bronze packs until you open one and it gives req points back,
then same with silver and then buy golds.

You had 4 DNF’s from the 19th to the 27th bro.

Thankfully not too much, but still often enough to get tedious, it’s since the hammer storm update really, I only use to get it occasionally before, it’s just becoming more frequent. I do buy silvers a lot, bronze I’ve never bothered with but I’m going to start laying off the gold packs for a while.

As for the DNF’S, I never leave my matches, like I said, it boots me to the main menu without an disconnection or error message.