Halo 5 is turning into a proper Halo.

It isn’t quite all the way there yet. But I love how 343i has made Halo competitive again. I haven’t played this much halo multiplayer since H3. The monthly additions are making it much better. It may have had a slow start, but it’s quickly getting rolling.

By the time June rolls around, with the addition of Firefight, there’s not much else I will want from this game aside from a few more maps most likely.

I think as much as we complain about 343i, they do listen and are responding with what we want. We just have to give them more time. My update is almost done, looking forward to some grifball nonsense with you all. See you out there Spartans.

Yeah, it really makes you think that maybe the game should have been in development for another 6 months to a year so all this stuff could have been in there from day one, but I’m also not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I think a lot of the negativity that has been around and a lot of the drop-off in players could have been averted if they’d been as open from the start as they appear to be starting to be today. Seriously 343i, you have plenty of outlets and tools to query the community about things, let’s see more of that going forward… and make sure you actually put together a good campaign;) Sorry, felt I needed to add a bit of snark there.

I do completely agree that all of this should have been in the game from launch. Maybe not the extra maps and reqs, but definitely the gametypes. Seems like there is always such a push to release big titles on time that they were missing a few things. That being said, I would have been very sad had they delayed the game launch by 6 months.

If you ignore Campaign completely.
Multi player is pretty good.

Until they remove thrusters and sprint, it wont be a proper halo :slight_smile: