Halo 5 is still better than infinite, Change My Mind

Halo 5 was not a perfect game by any means, but was more fun than infinite. At this point there hasn’t been anything significant updated to infinite to draw me back to the game. Honestly I didn’t like at all during the flights and I’ve struggled to enjoy still. It just feels like a step backwards and sideways. It feels more like a Halo spin-off than a sequel.

Does anyone that has played Halo 5 or older actually feel like Infinite is a good game or natural progression of the game in the right direction? Because I don’t. I want to like this game but I just don’t and don’t think I’m going to.


Why would I want to put forth any effort into changing someone else’s mind? :thinking: I have better things to do then to waste it doing that.

Never played Halo 5 any who…

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Halo 3 was better than all.


I am not sure you understand Halo if you say Infinite feels like a spin off.

Halo 5 with its mechanics felt like a spin off and i argue that it should of just been a new IP. Similar to how advanced movement doesn’t appeal to most COD fans but worked in Titanfall, advanced movement in Halo 5 did not work.

Now to mention how bad Req packs and the customization was. Do not go and say it has more than Infinite. All you could choose is a helmet and then the entire rest of the armor. Halo 5 has the worst customization since Halo 2. This does not excuse how bad cores are by any means but Halo 5 did not have good customization at all.

Halo 5 also had lazy/bad map design. If it was a map not made in forge it played bad and then towards the end of the games life most maps you played on were made in forge and it showed. It felt lazy, forge is meant for fun custom games but should not be what 343 is using to make maps. They have access to better tools and should have used them. I am not sure why maps in H5 were so bad when Halo 4 had great maps.

Halo 5 isn’t the worst Halo (that belongs to 4) but it is still not better than Infinite.

Infinite feels like the sequel to Halo 3 i have been waiting for and as far gameplay goes it is near perfect. Aside from vehicles being too weak, the mangler and pulse carbine beeing a bit too weak, and no forge or co op (yet), the game plays well. The armor system needs updates for sure i.e. we need armor that is unlocked similarly to H3 Hayabusa and Recon and H5 Helioskrill outside of a pass or the store.

But again Infinite’s gameplay is so good. I get people not on the new Xbox or in the US have connection issues and that sucks but thats not a gameplay issue thats a server issue that needs to be solved. Even with all of this i still enjoy Infinite a million times more than all the other 343 Halo games.

Infinite is what Halo 4 should have been in terms of gameplay, story, and art style. If possible i would of had Halo 4 and 5 completely retconned out of the Halo universe as i just do not like any aspect of their stories and feel they were both so counter to the Halo universe that existed in the games already. H4 and 5 had fun multiplayer but in the end I would say they are both bad Halo games and definitely the worst 2 out off all the Halo FPS games.


I do, this does feel like a better game, but, yes, it very much lacks the content to make it a great Halo game.

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I mean, just play what suits your preferences I’m not gonna change your mind on that

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yeah infinite just sucks in every way from the campaign feeling and looking like a single level from any other halo, to the extreme lack of content and awful monetization in the multiplayer.

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Everything is worse than H3 and H:Reach in terms of sheer amount of content and quality on launch.

Beyond that fact, everyone is free to like whatever they want.


I enjoyed Halo 5 well enough (would love for it to come to PC so I can play the MP and Firefight again), but Infinite is way better, and feels way more like classic Halo than 5 ever did. Infinite just needs the kind of support Guardians received during its first year of life, instead of the barely anything we’ve had this first year.

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Multiplayer maps are better over all, but man Spartan charge is so toilet I can’t say H5 is necessarily better. MCC is the best Halo game on Xbox one IMO.

Just my opinion. I like Halo 5 much more than Halo infinite because:

  • Halo 5 has Warzone
  • Husky Raid
  • less network issues
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Just an insight here.
You can’t compare H5 now to Infinite now
H5 launched in the exact same state as Infinite, an incomplete baubled mess of a game, arguably it was a worse launch state then infinite

Comparing what H5 is now, after years of development, updates and support to what Infinte is now(still in its infantcy) is disingenous.
And this is by no means meant to let infinite off the hook, the game is in a sad sorrid state and Halo fans deserve better.


This was well H5 wasn’t a good Halo game until the first BTB refresh really. 343 seems to be a developer that drops the game and then takes a long time to make it a good game.

And people are really soon to forget that the BtB refresh had none zero zilch nadda dev mae BtB maps…

In fact BtB in H5 STILL has zero Dev created BtB maps and somehow people are still trying to say that it was a better game, let alone a better halo game…

That siad I believe this is more a statement and reflection on how bad H:I is and not necessarily meant to elevate H5

Unless it -IS- an attempt to elevate H5 in which case I don’t want to live in this world anymore…

Popular opinion: They both suck.

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Nah, Halo 3 these days is mid at best. Overrated game in this day and age.

I’ve played every game from CE to Infinite, gonna say this right now, Infinite is NOT a good game on any level . It’s coding is spaghetti, it’s sandbox is pitiful and it’s mechanics are mid on a good day. Halo 5 was not traditional Halo, nor was Halo 4 but they still had way more mechanics that made the game fun and interesting than Infinite does/did. Not to mention both 4 and 5’s sandboxes, especially 5’s, puts Infinite to shame.

Infinite feels like a spin-off simply because it relied solely on nostalgia pandering instead of being it’s own product and not only has that coupled with the F2P model and predatory FOMO store front essentially killed the game, it’s killed most players trust in 343i.


Incorrect. Halo 5 had twice the maps, twice the modes and a FRACTION of the bugs day 1 than Infinite does now.

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Also launched with an aggressive sprint, blown out maps, the most insane amount of aim assist I’ve ever seen in any game ever, cancerous spartan charge/ground pound, terrible campaign, terrible game play, no BtB (which was given to us as “free DC” how generous of them) no infection no grifball (They were also generous enough to give us the gravity hammer as “free dlc”) a bloated "cosmetic scheme to encourage microtransactions, MICROTRANSACTIONS, and the least amount of customisation options since H2, and I can keep going all day long

This isn’t an argument…
My point still stands
You can’t compare what H5 is now after years and years of support and updates to what infinite is now
Its disengenous

Also…in regards to the “twice the maps”, the map count was severely bloated out by those absoultely stupid “remix” maps where they took a map, changes x,y,z and called it a new map to make it seem like there were more maps than there were so while “technically” sure there were more maps, it was the epitmoe of lazy map design, and map building

Also Also…H5 had 6 game modes at launch: warzone, slayer, ctf, breakout, strongholds, swat
in Dec 2021 one month after launch Halo infinte had the following
Slayer, CTF, One flag, Stockpile, Oddball, total control, strongholds, fiesta

Now, I’m not a mathematician, but the eight game types in Infinte seems to be a bigger number than the 6 in H5


And yet pulled millions of players ona daily basis for three years straight

Remind me of what H5’s population was 6 months after launch again.

Was H3 a perfect game?
Did H3 have its issues?
Was H3 the best and most succesful halo title?
Also yes