Halo 5 is Not syncing data

Hey sinds 4 days i have the problem that halo 5 is Not syncing data.
I some times am able to play but no rec and Emblem and it takes about 10 min to find a match or it says that ther ar Not enough players .
I have rest the Xbox to its original state i have removed the profiel from the Xbox rest the router and it still coms back some times after i turn it off but most of the time after 1 or 2 games i dont know what more to do and some times it wont conect to Xbox live but the connection is good it makes no sens
Plz help
I live in holland

Where are you located

  • I am in Holland

> 2533274798856693;3:
> - I am in Holland

Shoot I’ve never seen any posts from people in Holland with problems but I do know that all the places besides the US has had problems with servers and lag most of the time, my only tip would be try finding some way to see if anyone else in your area has that problem

This happens to me as well. Frequently even, and I’m on West Coast US. I’m about as close to the Microsoft HQ as you can get.

I have had this no sync issue, a reset or repeated restart of the game usually fixes it. I am on the east coast, USA. I suggest you also post this in the support thread.