Halo 5 is not always-online and here's why

This is the last time I’ll talk about this subject, unless something big in the community comes up. I am not advertising or endorsing other games, I’m merely using them to make my point. If Halo 5 were to require an internet connection to play, it will show it on the box art like games such as: Black Ops 3 (PS3/X360), Destiny, Plants vs Zombies, Destiny The Taken King and MAG. If you’ve seen the box art to any of them, you’ll notice that it says they require internet to play, but Halo 5 does not. I’ve never read an official statement from any of the developers that said Halo 5 requires an internet to play, but if you have, please share with us. And no that question Josh Holmes answered on Twitter last month is not confirmation that it requires an internet connection to play because the question was worded poorly and can be interpreted in any way.

I don’t understand your point… it’ll be like it always has been

we know lol

what twitter thing saying it needs to be always online

“Because campaign can be played solo offline, at it’s core.”
The rest is pretty much online-only content because there is no splitscreen, & forge is an online service.

There saved you the hassle of typing out a really long post.

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> we know lol