Halo 5 is Impossible to Revive

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There’sno hope for this game . Lowering the CSR loss isn’t enough to consider matchmaking " fixed " . I had a high win percentage in Arena because I’d go into BTB with teams and then I decide to play Slayer and go on the worst losing streak because my team had Mid Diamonds and the whole other team had all Onyx . That’s 343 Industries rigged system to lower the players Arena win percentage because they just believe you should know what it’s like to be a loser instead of winning all the time even though you COMPLETELY carried the whole team over and over and over or because you got matched with super high players that destroyed your teammates and made them all quit . I explained this in many forums how broken this game is . &a the most saddest part is that you can JUST TELL you’re going to lose … even before the game starts . Because you won so many BTB games , you can already smell the losses about to roll in . This game is COMPLETELY unplayable by yourself . Imagine a kid buying this game not knowing he won’t have fun unless he tells another friend to buy it too … LMFAO what a joke .

my main account is H5 Tony . Proof and stats can be seen anytime .

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> my main account is H5 Tony . Proof and stats can be seen anytime .

Thanks for making my job easy!