Halo 5 is Epic - A New Experience

I just passed the 5 hour mark on the Halo 5: Guardians MP Beta.

I really like the way Halo 5 is shaping up. It’s hard for people to accept a new direction with an established series, but if new things are not introduced then the series will be stale and ultimately it will not be successful. It will end the series. So I ask the true Halo fans, do you want the series to end or continue and evolve? Remember that Halo: The Master Chief Collection just came out. That was for fans of the original. You can enjoy the classic gameplay there. It’s unfortunate that matchmaking has been having problems for a long time.

I actually like the cat and mouse game that running causes the shields not to regenerate creates. At first I didn’t like it because I sprint out of situations a lot, but I can not deny that the game is fun and the slayers matches are competitive.

I think the thrusters has to be there to force players to do one of two things: use them and commit to the move or not use them and take your chances. If you use the thrusters then it might let you come out on top or it may put you in a bad position that leads to your death. I think it works well and allows for a dynamic high level gameplay.

I like the wall climb because it makes movement more natural and the whole flow is improved. This is especially good when everyone is moving as a team. It helps people stay together and group together quickly.

Speaking of flow, I enjoy the flow of the movement through these maps. There are many ways to move and position yourself, cut through, go up and down. It’s a shame you can’t crouch and boost through low areas to surprise the enemy from below.

I like the sounds of the guns. If I had to comment on a way to improve the sounds I would say that I think the grenade pickup sound doesn’t help me with the audio cue to know that I picked up grenades. I don’t want it to be distracting but as it is right now it gets washed out and it is there just to be there. I hope the death music is varied because right now it is a little repetitive and that’s only a few hours into playing MP.

Moving to the power of the Xbox One has made the Halo 5 experience feel very fresh and I applaud 343 on crafting something very special. I hope that the formula isn’t changed too much. Be bold.