Halo 5 is different, but how?

There’s something I’ve noticed lately about Halo 5. Something down to the very core of the gameplay: the gunfights, map flow, the sight lines. They all are significantly different than past Halo games. Even Halo 4 and Reach did not deviate from this, only Halo 5. I’m not sure what is the full cause for this. Please don’t post big stuff like spartan charge it’s more than that. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.

Every Halo ever made played different than the previous game. That is part of what makes Halo, Halo. It’s a new challenge every game.

More competitive, less fun.

Feedback in your inputs/actions is very crisp relative to older Halo games…

You immediately know whether or not your shots landed, if your melee was effective… the killfeed is right on the money.

If you play the older games, shot registeration and just the overall player/gameplay feedback can and often seems clunky relative to H5.

Just one thing I’ve recently noticed. That’s like deep rooted game mechanics though.

H5’s sight-lines can be a bit different… routes can be more open and widespread like the bends on Truth relative to Midship, angles can feel shallow resulting in difficult and narrow sight-lines, but a lot of angles are well designed for banking grenades into escaping enemies as well.

A lot of these elements do really well in supporting competitive gameplay IMO. You can really see it sometimes, the thought that was put into some of these maps.

It’s actually closer to halo 2 than Reach and 4 ever were.

There’s something about the aiming that only Halo 5 and Combat Evolved share that I’ve noticed. I’m not sure what difference it makes, but it obviously makes one if they decided to go back to this after all these years: they’ve moved the reticle back to the center of the screen. In Halo 2, H3/ODST, Reach, H4, & H2A it was in the lower third of the screen. Did you notice it? Probably not. Does it matter? I have no idea.

I made a Combat Evolved game mode and it plays so well, but my Halo 2 and 3 modes feel weird. Similarly, in Reach, the Anniversary playlist never felt right. Remember the CE Throwback playlist they had a while back that was so popular? That CE Magnum with the reticle in the center just feels right. At least that’s what I think it is. I’ve brought this up before and never got a proper answer or at least one that made sense to me (maybe I’m daft, I don’t know lol). Why does the location of the reticle matter? Why was moved in the first place in Halo 2 and why, after so many years later, did they put it back in the middle?

Be prepared for constructive and non-constructive points on both sides of the argument.

It definitely is different but not as different as reach or halo 4 were. Halo 4 being the most different. Maps have changed to accommodate sprint while also allowing for the ability to clamber. Though this makes crouch jumping less needed, there are still skill jumps within each map.

Gunfights feel different because a player has more at there disposal. TTK is still relatively long for a shooter, however when compared to past halo’s (which were mainly static) Halo 5 has a very dynamic gunplay system. Weapons are specifically made for certain ranges (though the headshot bonus for automatics is OP) and players now have the option to thrust in different directions in an attempt to prolongate life. Now this can make gun battles more chaotic as well as skill based. Players now have the tools to counter the who shot first scenario (yes i know you could in past halo’s but the general gunplay did not support player counter play).

It does have its issues, sprint has had some negative effects in map design (elongation and cluttering of the maps) and it has led to the delay in the initiation of conflict between players, basically can create a delay for one to use the tools to counter an attacker.

Other people can go into detail about some other things, this post may get heated and locked though cause it seems that people on both the like and dislike sides like to be at eachothers throats. However, there will also be some good discussions so really look into some posts.