Halo 5 is AWESOME

I really dont see why everyone is hating on this game. I LOVED Reach and Halo 3. Halo 4 was the game that all you angry fanboys should be hating on. Halo 5 is perfectly fast paced and balanced regardless of spartan abilities. Sprint is a necessity in FPS’s and anyone that disagrees with that statement should just burn all their FPS’s and purchase Fallout 4. The vast selection armour is incredible. The weapon specializations in warzone are superb. It feels exactly like Halo should feel like, i love how intense BTB is as well as Warzone Assault/ To all the little girls crying about content, you have zero patience. Obviously they will be releasing more content, the game just came out… Hands down my favorite Halo game. I honestly wouldnt change a single thing. Great job 343.

i loved halo 5, in my opinion best game after combat evolved and h2. the only problem i have is no split screen i play halo with my brothers all the time. on the plus side its kind of like revenge, my little brother spent 2 years hogging the xbox over destiny. now its my turn! >:)