Halo 5 is a piece of -Yoink-

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This is just to tell 343 they made a -Yoink- game and that’ll they’ll never make a good halo game again

Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine! I love these awesome and most definitely constructive posts!


Lemme guess, just recently lost a game, huh?

Soooo… are you actually going to elaborate on why Halo 5 is a “piece of -Yoink!-” game? Or is this just meant to be viewed as blind hate?

Some one is getting p’wnd and is full of salt… :slight_smile:

ya, you have your opinion but unless your provide reasoning no one actually cares

ib4 lock

Can someone pass the salt?

Just another 343 hater. People like you dont help Halo i hope you know that.