Halo 5 is a good game

I just gotta say, when playing BTB yesterday, and warzone the day before that… This game is really balanced and is just as good as any of the other halo games. Just takes a while to get used to and its not a game you want to play alone. There’s so much strategy involved when everyone knows how to play, even in warzone… the strategy runs deep in this game. I had some seriously epic games this past weekend, and arena breakout should become the norm for breakout. Never a dull moment when you get a good squad together and you play against a team on equal footing. Thanks for listening to us 343, it’s the perfect mix of casual and competitive.

Yeah. I love this game. So much fun.

Yeah I love the game :wink:

Fun times all around best Halo multiplayer since Halo 2

By far the best multiplayer

Love this game. Love it. Loved all Halos before, Halo 4 was my favorite until Halo 5 came out.

the game is awesome and really good. dont let em hate

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> Yeah I love the game :wink:
> Fun times all around best Halo multiplayer since Halo 2

That was my thought every day of the Beta, how much it reminded me of the great H2. I have loved Halo 5 so far!!! Especially as far as the multiplayer.
However, campaign feels so empty.

Please make campaign as great as the multiplayer!
Campaign theater mode.
Campaign Scoring (team and FFA)
Campaign matchmaking (Heroic difficulty, because achievements)
Campaign commendations. (Enemies, vehicles, weapons[including hidden legendary weapons] etc.)
Experience towards rank.
REQ points earned in campaign.
And some special armor or skins for beating it Legendary.
Bandana Skull for the heck of it. (Besides, they invented it for Halo remakes, but didn’t include it in their own game?)