Halo 5 Internal Error Custom maps and game types nuked

My friend and I just tried to load up a custom match on Halo 5 and as host I got “Internal Error” and all my maps and game modes were gone.

Not sure if this is a bug or the servers are undergoing maintenence but please fix this.

EDIT: Just checked Halo 5 a few minutes ago, everything seems all fixed up, thanks whoever fixed the server issues :slight_smile:

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Yeah, still is broken with internal error for content browser.

Its happening to me too.
Ive tried restarting the game and xbox and nothing shows but the error message.
I hope its temporary and has something to do with launching Finites Forge. That’s understandable.

Im a forge buff and Machinema director
I need my H5 files.
I have forged so many maps and given countless months and years to forging. 6 years of it on H5.
I’d hate to lose all my work.

But if H5s forge goes down completely. Im quitting Halo all together because i cant access those files now.

I won’t be quitting Halo altogether but I will be sending 343 a support ticket inquiring as to why this is happening. I’m prepared to lose all my files, I can easily make new maps.

However this could just be an outright server overload as well.

could be gearing up for…

unannouced game update


pc port.

or both.

That’s my thought, however the issue fixed itself a few days ago.