Halo 5 Inspired Music

Hey guys! I wrote a short piece of music based on what I’ve seen of Halo 5 so far! If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to know what you think! :smiley:

Halo 5 Inspired Soundtrack

(P.S, I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this. If so, I will redact this post immediately.)

That was pretty good. I think you nailed down the feeling for Halo 5 wonderfully. It sounds dark and mysterious. Great job!

Why does this sound more halo than 4? GG

wow! awesome job, it did sort of feel sad and a little dark.
if you’re gonna make more music tell me, you’ll get a new subscriber :smiley:

I’m thinking it might sound nice over the Halo 5 teaser as both are slow paced. Very nice work!

That song would go perfect for a climatic battle with UNSC forces being overrun by whatever terrors we fight in Halo 5. Just a slow burn with Chief watching the chaos unfold, unable to do anything.

Sorry for the edginess.

Fantastic music! but, I cant see it in a Halo game outside of trailers. Keep up the good work.

Edit: just noticed this might make pretty good menu music. Imagine opening a game and a swift piano starts playing. I love piano.

Thank you all so much for your feedback! :smiley: It’s good to hear all your thoughts and feelings, plus possible scenarios this would fit under! I’ll definately write some more! It does some more trailer/cinematic style than in-game :slight_smile:
[P.S, The edginess was fine, hahah.]

Reminds me of the last level of Halo Reach. Sad and resigned. Still pretty epic, though. I can imagine this working in the game at a quiet moment, like the beginning of a level after an emotional cutscene, or quietly in the background of an emotional cutscene itself.

Imagine: Chief sitiing in a cave, hiding from the forces that are hunting him down, his head bowed and voices from the past whispering in his head. He sees flashbacks of long-forgotten moments, the death of comrades, glassed worlds. He crushes a boulder in his hand, trying to make the pain go away…

This sounds a bit odd looking back at the history of Halo music, but i personally felt it was a bit too piano heavy. Should be a little quite with more volume changes IMO.

It still held the appropriate feel however, dark and anticipating. Very nice!

Great work! :slight_smile:

sounds like it would be a good title music or so

Thanks again for all your valuable feedback! Good use of visualism Shurifire! Liking it!

I thought it was a little piano heavy when I was recording it but all the voice/choir presets weren’t realistic enough for me personally. :stuck_out_tongue: