Halo 5 Information [Parody] "New"

(Could you guys delete my other thread? I had to make a new thread so I can add in more stuff and reserve the slot (for more information)

[Note: This is all for comedic purposes and are not real!]

Greetings! This is SHDarkFlame here! (SH stands for Hardcore Gamer)

On this thread, I will be showing off Halo 5 information! (Maps, guns, mechanics and other stuff)
I hope you guys enjoy! :slight_smile:
(I shall add in more from time to time <3)

This is a remake of “Coagulation” from Halo 2
It’s sort of modified (Added snow, upgraded texture)
Here are the Screenshots from the map!
Coagulation 1
Coagulation 2
Coagulation 3

This is a new map to the Halo series. It’s made for Small Slayer! (3v3)

Garden 1
Garden 2
Garden 3

Snow Grove
This map is completely new to the Halo series.
It’s set in a snow covered canyon filled with tunnels and 2 opposing bases!

Snow Grove 1
Snow Grove 2
Snow Grove 3
Snow Grove 4
Snow Grove 5

I’m just surprised as you are!
When developing the maps for Halo Xbox One, 343i asked assistance from the Creators of Ocarina of Time to help them make this map!

Hyrule 1
Hyrule 2
Hyrule 3
Hyrule 4
Hyrule 5
Hyrule 6
Hyrule 7
Hyrule 8
Hyrule 9
Hyrule 10
Hyrule 11
Hyrule 12





This game is going to feature many maps for Multiplayer.
The graphics are outstanding! They’re wayyy better than Halo 4!

This is how Halo Xbox One’s Main Menu will look like
Main Menu

Firefight has been degraded. It’s now called Firefight 0.5 beta!

Coming September.

I cant wait to try hyrule! (sarcastic)