Halo 5 Ideas

I have some ideas regarding a direction for Halo 5, I hope at least a few of you find these ideas interesting. Oh and for those that ask why I am talking about Halo 5 - the answer is simply that you couldn’t add these kind of details into a game as far on in development terms as Halo 4.

I will do a brief summary here and you can read on if you wish:
 Spartan Ops sounds awesome
 But to take this desire for immersion further why not add in a character design element e.g. faces of characters
 Also why not allow an option for a forum based back-story that can appear under gamer’s tags, like an about me page or the stats you get in Reach.
 Alternatively why not let 343i write the backstory of the Spartan Ops team and you design their appearance? i.e. Nobel 6
 These ideas could help provide the connection that 343i are going for [I think] to the Spartans and the story driven mission ops.

I have recently been on a Halo craze, like log into Waypoint and spend a good hour or so on there checking out all of the Halo lore that I have missed out on [yeah I am a bit behind but I am now almost up-to-date]. Within Waypoint I found the Vid-doc for Spartan Ops.

Now I don’t know what the general vibe is for Spartan Ops, but I for one love the idea - its an extension of Reach’s customisable Nobel 6 - IMO. 343i have also stated that they want a much more personal and immersive feel to this game and Spartans in general. After reading that I began to think about the most immersive game I know, Mass Effect. The detail and immersion I find in that game has been hardly rivalled at all - although Deus Ex gave it a go if you invested time into the game.

Now what makes Mass Effect so immersive, well one of the key elements, is actually designing your character. Halo also has this in terms of the amour but what I am thinking of is a step beyond that. Reach humanised the spartans by letting us see their faces, so why not let us design our Matchmaking / Spartan Ops character’s face as well as his [or her] armour?

Another thing that would be really nice and immersive would be the ability to select some sort of background for said Spartan - e.g. a veteran or a brand new officer. A space-born colonist or someone that heralds from Earth. Or maybe do it via a forum - you type a character bio and it is then attached to your spartan, kind of like an ‘about me’ page. Now this would not be to everyone’s taste but then again nor is forge etc, it would be an option for some of the more creative members of the community to indulge their creative side.

Essentially I am talking about adding a small degree of RPG elements into a Halo game, and I refrained from using the term RPG because many will instantly dismiss it as ‘what is he talking about, RPG in Halo? The only RPG in halo is a rocket propelled grenade!’ But if you think about it, RPGs often have the most immersive story elements found in a game. This is clearly shown in JRPGs [Japanese RPGs for those who don’t know] but the JRPG Final Fantasy X has the, yes the, best story I have ever experienced in a game. It is one of my favourite games of all time in fact and I bought a PS2 again just to play it, nostalgia ftw.

Anyway back to the point, 343i’s direction may actually compliment an incorporation of RPG elements into Halo. Something that I have thought of whilst writing this is that Spartan Ops already has a story, that 343i are writing. I believe that there story will be better than anything I wrote on a forum so why not simply let me design the face and appearance of the Spartan.

Lets put this into an example. Spartan Ops is centred around Spartan Company Charlie, within this team are four of the best new Spartan IVs there are. These are Lindsay-078, Daniel-672, Emma-035 and Sean-597. They have their missions given via cutscenes as per Spartan Ops al la Halo 4. However like the Nobel 6 from Reach these 4 Spartans appearance can change to be what you have designed, via face editing and armour changes.

I might be talking absolute rubbish but I think its at least worth putting this all on the forum, so go ahead, discuss … or rip my idea apart I don’t mind

Thanks for reading anyway

Jeez, Halo 4 isn’t even out yet! Let’s just wait until after Halo 4’s release>

That would be nice, but my character would be my iteration of Noble Six as i have already typed up a story about what happened to him after Reach…he turns into an unstoppable bad–Yoink-

Wait until Halo 4 is over then before talking about Halo 5.

Wrong section. Post this Halo 5 section.

There isn’t a Halo 5 section? And its more the idea than what game it is in … although I did explain why it can’t be in Halo 4 [too far along in development]