Halo 5 Ideas for 343

Ok so I have an idea for Halo 5 that I have thought of for a long time. Some of you might not like it , some of you might, I don’t really care I just want to put it out there. Basically my idea is that Spartans should be affected by armor in multiplayer. The heavier (bulkier, more plated, etc…) the more damage resilient it is. Now you may say, oh this is OP everyone will just have bulky armor and run around mowing people down, but there is a solution to this. The bulkier the armor the slower the spartan moves, reloads, melees, assassinates, and picks up weapons. It might take a little testing to find the right speed for the bulky spartans, but I’m sure 343 can figure my idea out if they use it. Now also you can build your player really light. Like In Halo 4, having all recon armor doesn’t do anything, but in Halo 5 having a full set of Recon armor will probably give you the lightest armor bonus in the game. You will run faster, reload faster, pick up guns faster, and melee normal speed because obviously it will be a little OP if someone ran around double meleeing people within like 2 seconds. Or you can seek an alternative route to this idea and adjust the damage per melee depending on armor. Bulkiest armor will knock out shields and do a little more damage afterwards and lightest armor will knock out half shields. Note for light armor meleeing will be fast so it will probably take 4 melees to kill someone which can. This whole system would kinda be like a need for speed customization system, but instead of speed and nitrous and stuff like that it will be like; Melee Speed: Then have like 5 or so squares to show how fast you melee. Middle being average and full being fastest and so on. The square system will be the same for the rest of the armor affected traits I listed.
Now to part 2: There should be ALOT more weapons if they plan on using the loadout systems for Halo 5. I feel like playing Halo 4 is boring and repetitive so I have to rely on new maps and game types to come back to play. Having only 6 or 7 guns as a primary class isn’t enough. I know it’s Halo, and trust me I’ve been here for the whole series, but I truly believe more guns should be concepted into the game. There should be more skins for the guns too, instead of having one skin per gun in the game. That’s kinda lame. I also recommend not putting plasma grenades as secondaries because I believe they are a little OP if you ask me. Yeah, yeah all you haters can complain but it is really annoying when I try to get in a vehicle and all that happens is I get stunned by a Plasma Pistol and spammed with plasmas.
On to Part 3: If you are actually reading this to here you must either like this idea or be crazy. OT though, I believe that there should be customizable HUD and voices in multiplayer. Yes voices, Like, “Grenade out!” or “Reloading!” I think it would be helpful if you add that in so you can tell if people are near you and Active Camo should silence you when you use it also. I think a range of voices should be added from all Halo games. Even marine’s voices should be added to add a range of choices. Now the HUD gets a little tricky when I think about it, but I believe the HUD should rely on the helmet type. Now GUNGIR is obviously a low viability helmet, but it makes up for it in it’s bulkiness. Now the HUD would not be slimmed down to a little dot but instead it would be a more circlish cutting off large corners of the HUD. Now Recon armor for example will have more of a wider range of HUD and availability. And all this has got me thinking, what about different HUD colors? I think it would be a nice prestige item or specialization item to put it into Halo 4 terms. You could also be able to change the design of the HUD as you progress in level.
Now to part 4: I believe there are not enough vehicles and maps in the game. 343 should really bring back some old vehicles and maps from the previous Halo games. I miss having a whole team in an elephant on Sandtrap rushing the other elephant just to get their flag. 343 could maybe add a map pack to Halo 5 called the Series Map Pack or something costing 1600 microsoft points or so containing all the maps from previous games. This is an extremely large task I know but maybe it could be split into bits of games. Like there would be a Halo CE: Series Map Pack, then a Halo 2 Series Map Pack, and so on. It might bring in some money and be a little fun allowing people to play the game a lot longer. New gametypes should be included like they did with Extraction and Dominion. I like those gametype because they aren’t the gametypes I have been playing for 10 years.
Fianlly Part 5: I am tending to run out of space so I chop this up and baby feed this to you. BIGGER FORGE MAPS. Yes I know most, or all of you are asking this, but even though forge world was plain and the same, I always found a way to make it more interesting. A map like sandbox in Halo 5 would literally make me have tears of joy if they do something like that. There was just so many possibilities in Sandbox to do and combined with Halo 4’s forge it would be amazing. Also several more items should be added to the game. Instead of having 5x5 crap there should be 5x5x1, 5x5x2,5x5x3, and so on. I don’t like the whole 5x5 flat or 5x5 thin, they sound the same and are confusing. Also Dropships such as pelicans, phantoms, spirits, and so on should be added in forge. We’ve been asking for this for years. I am really glad that they let us drive one, but now that we got the hang of it I kinda want to put one in forge.
These are my ideas for Halo 5. You can like them, you can hate them, I really don’t care, I just want to put my thoughts out there.

Also in addition to the weapon section, they could bring back the SMG, Covenant plasma rifle, forerunner suppressor, and spiker to put them all in a SMG section on loadouts.


  1. Player affected by armor
  2. More weapons to fully utilize the loadout system
  3. Customizable HUD, voice callouts for certain actions
  4. More vehicles and DLC ideas
  5. Improved Forge catalog and larger Forge map

Halo 4 was an amazing game to game and I loved having the experience to play Halo with my family again just like the good old days. However, I have a suggestion. In Halo 4,yes, I know the story was mainly based around chief discovering his humanity and all but I miss not having any cutscenes of the “enemy.” Some scenes showing whats going on when Master Chief is not watching. In other words some scenes of say the Didact interacting with the covenant of something. There was very little of that and it just kinda happened. Also I think it would be best to explain the back a little bit better so people know whats going on. Not talking about myself because I am as Halo educated as you can get but I have to say Explaining over and over and over to people that have no idea why the covenant are bad again gets exhausting and arguing with people who think they know why,say, the covenant are bad yet they are so wrong its sad gets exhausting too. So please for us major Halo fans, please leave some nice neon note cards out for the ones that have no clue whats going on. (Not litterly of course ;)) Also I had to leave a explain of another game on here…lets just say a game that you play as an assassin with a mask that looks kinda like disconored…thats what the game I’m talking about. What I liked about is that there were so many unexpected twists and turns and I have to save when they happened I legitly got mad and wanted to jump thru the screen and murder someone. If theres a way you can I guess involve the player more with the story please do not hesitate. :slight_smile: Lastly…I think… if I so may make a personal request… please have Born be still alive! I you are already planning on killing him thats fine too I’ll just go curl up in a corner and cry :frowning: He is my favorite character for some strange reason and more my favorite than chief which is strange because I know him better. But it would bring me great joy if I can see his face…preferably alive please :slight_smile: Though I do not know if you plan on bringing them back but I have to say seeing Precursors would be pretty cool, even cool to see a Forerunner get terrified at the site of one…not naming names on who I want to see afraid but just sayin…hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge. Also seeing there has been no mention of Precursors really in the game itself, always thought it would be interesting to see how you guys make the characters react to that discovery.
Also, I was thinking about this awhile ago but yes we (well most of us) all know Forerunners saved the other alien species by persevering them before firing the rings but no one ever in the game questions why every other species is alive after the firing of the rings yet the Forerunners are not. Since you know the rings kill every living thing. Just wanted to know how the characters in the game are thinking as to why they are alive and the Forerunners are not…
I would love to sit here…well type here… and tell you guys of ideas on how the story can have twists and turns but honestly its up to you guys. Its your baby and you make it how you imagine it. Nothing is better than the original ideas that come from the writer.
lol one last thing… I consider myself a very certified and must I say, an amazing Warthog driver and I miss when it was just my Warthog and I and some guy in the turret driving thru endless fields of green while I run people over in the wide open space. So if you can please make some big maps for my Warthog and I that would be greatly appreciated.
All in all great job on Halo 4. Everyone that worked on Halo 4 just gets a high five from me. The music, art, storyline, everything! It really showed that you guys worked really hard on this game and I appreciate it that you guys did. I can not wait for Halo 5!

I’m sorry, I’m sure this is all well thought out and filled with good ideas, but paragraphs, please.

I just want to say I LOVE Halo 4. So things I am not going to mention are the things that were great about halo 4.
I’ll start off with possible improvements from halo 4.


  • Bigger Campaign.
  • More varied objectives. Most of the campaign was simply pressing buttons. Go from A to B press a button; repeat. It seems forced and repetitive.
  • NO MORE QUICK TIME EVENTS. I cannot stress enough how a quick time event just ruins an immersive experience and takes you out of the story.
  • Terminals to be played in game while unlocked without the need for going out of the game to waypoint.
  • BOSS BATTLE/S. Remember the good ol days of halo 2 hen tartarus had a hammer and you were hiding to get your shields recharged but was getting shouted at by Sgt. Johnson, ? After all the build up of the campaign and the books of how bad-a** The Didact was; the campaign ended abruptly with A QUICK TIME EVENT. That was quite a disappointment.


  • Weapons The new added arsenal of Promethean weapons seems have been designed aesthetic wise.But for gameplay apart form incineration cannon the weapons seems like re-skins of human weapons i.e. ‘AR to suppressor’ or Shotgun to Scattershot’. Although some consideration were done for he boltshot with the shot gun burst I thought the weapon set was not unique enough to feel alien and unique. Like the feeling you first used the needler in Halo CE and you know the humans don’t have a counter part to the needler. I saw the concepts of the forerunner weapons before came out and saw soo much potential they fell too ‘human’. What I would suggest is more varied, mysterious unique and alien weapon design.
  • Maps The maps in halo 4 re good but they are not in the god tier where the classic reside Lockout sanctuary etc. It’s a huge improvement from reach; but maps such as complex adrift felt too human.
  • BTB maps are good but the lack of new vehicles and the lack existing vehicles on all BTB maps makes the vehicular combat repetitive.
    *Lack of CQC maps is disappointing. All of the maps you have some sort of open exposed atmosphere/space. A set of claustrophobic maps such as prisoner would be Awesome.


  • MORE WEAPONS. Added new weapons are good but with a customisable loadout system
    the existing weapons lacking to keep the combat varied in the long term.
  • HOST MIGRATION is the most annoying thing in halo. If remembered correctly one of the interviews, 343i did say that there will be no more host migration. Somehow there still is. SORT IT OUT PLEASE.
    *Toggle between join in progress. It annoys most people joining a map you didn’t get to vote for, where your team is loosing and you have joined too late to change the tides of the game. I would love to join in progress with my friends but not to a game where I’ll join and just lose.

New Ideas for Halo 5

  • More species in Multiplayer. for e.g. this can be a separate gamemode. Elites, humans, prometheans, flood, precursors.
    This Can be FFA with each specie has advantage or disadvantage like ‘Classes’ in other games.
    This can be include Invasion type gametypes.
    Inclusion of playable ODSTs (as a class) Their advantage could be Droping in key strategic ares of a map like real ODSTs but lower heal lack of sheilds etc compared to other species/spartans.
    *Promethean Juggernaut where the juggernaught is a Promethean knight , can deploy a watcher, auto sentry and has all of the knight traits.
    *Space combat like in Reach. This can be in campaign and a separate game mode in multiplayer.
    *Real time Factions controlling sectors/planets
    *Armour. Each Armour set which you unlock has slight properties(like armour mods) such as bulkier Armour set sustains more damage while slower. While Lighter armour has more agility but sustains less damage. Recon Armour set has a 3D motion sensor.

TL;DR MORE game-types, more maps, More campaign hours, more CQC maps, more varied weapons, more factions, More Species, more Vehicles more BOSS BATTLES AND NO QUICKTIME EVENTS pl0x and a more outside the comfort zone of existing halo.

To 343i these are my general thoughts I have full faith in you guys you have done an excellent game in HALO 4 and will hopefully deliver even better results in
Halo 5.

Thank you.

An odd AI idea would be giving heavy troops (Big Boomy Weapons) Ammo, and then having them rush you with their last shot of their big gun before being forced to switch to a sidearm.

Bring on one of Bungie’s greatest success returned,invasion 2.0 with new fresh ideas and first person driving!

I think I would be more interested in playing as a Hunter decked out in UNSC armor and weapons like a flame thrower or missile pods let alone lugging say a gauss cannon or simple chain gun, rather than a large armored Spartan. Too bad 343 couldn’t have incorporated playable Convenant species into the human story line as allies against much more powerful and interesting Promethean classes of enemies.

Halo 5 should have:
.All weapons in Halo 4 except Suppressor, Concussion Rifle, and Fuel Rod Cannon.
.Bring in Falcon and Hornet, but tweak with the Hornet; make its controls and maneuvering easier
.Keep Spartan Ops but change it, example: Multiple objectives at one time, make less literal and more open-world-like;Have the option to do something than the other, making a different outcome in the mission.
.Add a horde mode or survival mode, similar to Firefight, but more survival like and against endless hordes of enemies like Prometheans and Covenant.
.Power up the Storm Rifle, give the Railgun more knockback like the Halo Reach concussion rifle, but not as OP.
.Arbiter and Non-Storm Covenant
.Lord Hood
.Promethean Energy-Sword-like weapon that’s in the Halo 4 campaign.
.Add Drop Shield and new armor ability: Deceiver. Deceiver changes the appearance of your character to look like your enemy(ies);example: Flood:Human uses Deceiver, looks like Flood. Slayer: Red Spartan uses Deceiver, turns into Blue Spartan.
.Add Flare and Spike grenade

it would be cool if you had an option to take off your helmet like in ODST but and customise your face this time that would be awesome!

I was thinking about how it would be if they added and action where you could like jump off a wall to boost you forward like parkour style and also the possibility of haveing a fighting animation play out if your shields are empty and you melee at the same time it wont happen all the time though where you would have to tap a button to win the dual and if its even you both end up punching the other out. Also a sort of create your own mission style thing for forge would be cool with alwo the ability to change the time of day and even create maybe your own map. Just completely breaking down the walls of what you can and cant do with forge.

Dual wield should be brought back! I miss running around in halo 3 with my spikers. The sacrifice of the melee for two weapons was very well balanced and I miss It’s!

[/li]- Bring back firefight