Halo 5 has become crap

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343 you have failed the halo community and completely runined the halo franchise between the sever lag and crap ranking system and letting hackers take over halo 5 the shear lack of care you have for the game period has made not only myself but several others that follow me have decided we will not be purchasing halo 6 for if you cannot take care of current problems with your current game then how will your next one be any better you have completely ruined halo for all you couldn’t pay me to play Halo 5 or six ever again and for this reason I beg of you to please sell the halo franchise back to bungie for at least they could make a game truly great game


> My post broke no ruels i feel you only deleted my post because it tells the truth and warns people who are about to buy the game


> Your post was non-constructive. You could have chosen to lay out a list of actual issues and offer solutions instead you just wrote a wordy version of ‘343 bad.’ Constructive posting requires effort. It should in a polite tone say, “these are things I don’t like, and here is how I would fix them”