HALO 5 Guardians XBOX One Advert

Who’s excited for Halo 5 Guardians? we are!!, so check out this Halo project me and 2 of my course mates have made for our final project in University!, Halo cosplay meets Visual Effects!

Please check it out and give it a share, Hard work went into this for all the HALO fans out there :slight_smile:

Awesome Work!!!

Great work fellas!

Great visuals, nice humour, top job!

Moving this to Community Creations as it is more suited there.

Also, phenominal work guys. Really, that was some of the best visuals I’ve ever seen in something fan made.

Good work!

Im like that sometimes! Imagining im the chief driving my Hog then realising im day dreaming and im driving towards oncoming traffic!


That was awesome! Great job. I’m also very excited for Halo 5. :smiley:

Nice job guys, that was amazingly entertaining and well-done.

Haha! that was great, I so want that Battle Rifle prop!

That was awesome! What makes this even better that it was fan made.

That was pretty dang cool.