Halo 5 Guardians REQ Packs

With the latest Requisition (REQ ) forum up in Halowaypoint, they state something that I’ve grown curious about ever since that forum has appeared. It says in the forum, “Additionally, we also offer the option to purchase Silver and Gold packs at a cost of $1.99 and $2.99 (USD).” This obviously stating that, yes, I can purchase REQ packs with actual money rather than RP or Requisition Points. Although they do no go in depth with how you purchase said REQ packs, is it an online store? Or maybe something that involves a different transaction to attain these REQ packs when it comes to dealing with $$$.

There’s a REQ Pack megathread stickied at the top of this forum :slight_smile:

Thank God ;-; I’ve been waiting for this answer for so long and no one has said anything ;-;

Thanks man!

Everything is done on the market place.

drop $100 on req packs