Halo 5 Guardians PC?

I dont think it would ever come to MCC because H5 has those horrible REQ packs, but maybe as a stand alone it could make it.

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Oh! Is HW2 not on steam? I didn’t know that, add that to the list as well then :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it would have to be its own standalone thing, although I guess they could just add the H5 story mode to the MCC and not the multiplayer aspect, or even if they did maybe a stripped back version of it? :thinking:

I think most know by now it would probably not be added to the mcc because of it’s size and the reqs and it’s online only requirements.

Even then, people can work around the split screen. But offline content is a MUST if they ever attempt this

they could but then ppl would want the multiplayer so its all or nothing

Yeah because MCC is like 100GB and so is H5, who about to install a 100GB update for an already large game.

I hated halo 5 and I think that porting it would be a waste of resources

you do realise 343 themselves would not be porting it right? outside devs would it, like with the mcc.

but thanks for the pointless post though.

I didn’t know that you can hire other studios to port your game for free… :grinning:
And porting h5 would be useless anyways because it could draw people away from infinite. Less people on infinite= less microtransactions bought= less money
I know that h5 has microtransactions too but not as much as infinite and not as profitable

It would probably be a good idea for Halo 5 to eventually make its way to PC (Steam or otherwise) as there are plenty of people (like myself) who dont plan on buying an Xbox One to play the game and would like to atleast experience the story. Sticking it onto Steam separately or as part of the MCC would be a good idea.

no it wouldn’t draw people away, people would play both. choice is good.

back on topic…

on my usual search engine hunt for news re halo 5 pc / steam (which i do fairly often) sad? maybe…

came across this h**ps://www.instant-gaming.com/en/9598-buy-halo-5-guardians-pc-game-steam/

says steam release 2022.

i hope it’s real.

God I want this to be true, I unfortunately am googling Halo 5 PC way to often as well. While I am loving the Halo Infinite multiplayer sandbox on PC if we ignore the stability issues, I would literally drop Infinite multiplayer until things were fixed if there was a full port of H5 available for PC. The xp progression system and challenge system in Infinite are horrendous, and things in the store are way overpriced, and spartan customization is majorly lacking compared to the MCC and H5. In MCC in could just play to be good and easily knock off challenges without hardly thinking about it, but in Infinite I feel that in order to complete challenges I have to ignore the games objective and solely focus on my assigned challenge in order to knock if off, which is bad for the game when the players are forced to ignore the actual objective, and its borderline making me start to hate Infinite, which is sad since the sandbox has so much potential. Also the lack of being able to pick specific game modes like Slayer that all the other Halo games have had since day 1, really? Maybe I just need to not give a rats -Yoink!- about cosmetics so at least I can enjoy the sandbox, thats just a little hard though since MCC gave us so much crap for cosmetics and spartan customization and conditioned me to such, and Infinite really just pales in comparison.

Please 343 fix this, Infinite Multiplayer has so much potential for greatness, but I feel all of these issues are really going to make it bomb sooner or later if not addresses, and acknowledged that fixes are coming.

well it’ll either be confirmed as true or fake / error / typo.

the description at the bottom says 14 day trial xbl gold so that part doesn’t apply to pc.

but the fact the game is listed for steam and with a 2022 date makes me wonder…

only site i’ve seen it on so far…