Halo 5 Guardians PC?

I’m one of those who refuse to touch games on the windows 10 store, I despise the UWP platform and don’t want anything to do with it on PC due to it’s restrictive nature.

I’m well aware halo wars 2 has been on the store on pc for quite sometime, I just don’t want that version. It’s ok on console but on pc it’s just nope. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way.

Games on steam = freedom, mods, no restrictions, store games anywhere you please, move, backup easily.
Games on UWP = limited to what you can do with the games, must be in WindowsApps folder, encryption, sandboxed, can’t directly run executables, can’t backup and restore games and must have UAC on.

like i said. big fat N O P E. same goes for gamespass. i don’t want to subscribe to play streamed games that can’t be played with kb+m.

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games pass isn’t just streaming games, you can download them as well and all the ones downloadable as far as I know can be played with either a mouse or a keyboard. also you don’t have to have a subscription to play the games on games pass you can buy them as well and just install and play them through games pass. I own many Xbox titles that I can play on pc using the games pass app.

I’m not a fan of the Microsoft store either that’s why I install Xbox play anywhere titles on the Xbox games pass app cos it is a much better app to install and play games on. However I do prefer steam.

Halo 5 was the best game for half of the community, so I hope they will bring it on PC after Infinite


I was active on this thread from the legacy site, so will definitely be active on the new site as well. Yes I would literally buy Halo 5 on steam the moment I found it was available, I really want it on PC.


Honestly now the community now thinks that Halo 5 is not so bad and that it was underrated, the truth is that it has always happened with every release, I think.

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You got a point. Ill admit, I wasn’t huge on H5 when it launched in 2015. But when I returned to the series in 2017 I remember really liking it. IDK maybe its Nostalgia, maybe its because deep down there is something really fun with it.

This needs to happen within the next couple years I hope. Along with bringing the full game to PC, they need to update Halo 5 Forge with new PC setting options and port it to Steam as well (and convert both to Win32 from UWP).


Doubt. There’s no way they wanna pull focus from Halo Infinite post release, just for a port of a game not many people would go back and play.

What a wasted opportunity though. If Halo 5 was on PC, id have definitely grinded 152.

If they wait a little till some of the hype from Infinite dies down to release the H5 PC port, I think that could actually boost hype for Infinite, as PC players will want to more directly compare and contrast the 2 games running on PC to see how much better Infinite looks. I also think the release would prompt a lot of people to buy the H5 PC port to play through, and then redo the Infinite campaign right after. :tada:


Personally I think xbox play anywhere is a bit of a con since games have to be uwp and cost more, kinda like how ubisoft moved their upcoming games to epic and ubi connect only so they can charge more. Screw that.

It’s steam or nothing imo.

halo 5 needs to come to pc to be better than it was on the xb1. i.e. lan coop and no online only bs like forge and warzone firefight.

mcc is already best on pc / steam because of modding. i rarely play games that have no mod support.


Yep, feels weird as a PC player that I’ll have very Halo game on PC except Halo 5.


It was announced today that some games on Xbox Game Pass for PC will let you access the folders for modding. Id love for Halo 5 Forge to be on that list at least. But Id still long for a full port of Guardians. And yes if they do this, they need to have Offline modes in their mind otherwise this will be just another thing that will last temporarily instead of making it the full Halo 5 Package.

It would be nice, but I don’t see myself playing Halo 5 regardless.

I would have to disagree with this. Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 all were way ahead of their time in the sense of video games. These games set the stage for something so challenging to overcome and create even better future Halo games.

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what they could do is…

re-release the game on consoles and make the mp f2p like infinite (i.e. remove the xbl gold requirement)

remove the online requirement for forge and warzone firefight. so you can play it solo as well as online, over lan and in custom games.

add lan coop support without the need for a uwp app on pc. console to console.

splitscreen would probably be too much to ask for…

also port the game to pc (both on the store and steam) with the same changes as above.

and as a bonus put halo wars 2 on steam.

win for everyone and would heal old wounds left by the halo 5’s initial reception, plus it would make a nice profit.

just need some outside devs to take on the task!

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I would love if 343 did this, then I would have a reason to pick up H5 multiplayer again, because as long as its not on PC, I ain’t touching it.

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Yes, please, I keep thinking about this and it drives me nuts that don’t have this for PC. Now that I have an original Xbox and a CRT again, MCC’s in a good place mostly, and Infinite soon to come out, I decided last month to play through the entire series, finally playing through 4 and 5 in their entirety, something I’d never done before. And honestly, I came away from 5 really liking it. It’s not the best Halo game, but the hate for it is truly excessive. I get being pissed that it isn’t what the marketing said, but as someone that didn’t follow 5’s marketing at the time, I was at least relatively content with the plot. Importantly, I had a lot of fun with the gameplay, which I think flows very well through the whole of the game, with the Spartan Charge and the ground slam abilities adding more depth to the movement mechanics, keeping me engaged in the firefights.

That being said, I don’t particularly want to have to go boot up the One X every time I want to play Halo 5. More importantly, I’d want an option to increase the FOV, which I found too small, not helped by the helmet overlay. And being able to play with a mouse and keyboard, of course, would be extremely welcome.

I would absolutely buy the game again on PC if a port were made. Hell, even if it were just the campaign. I’d like the MP too, but obviously they wouldn’t want to edge into Infinite’s playerbase at all. I just hate this idea of Halo 5 never coming to PC.


Exactly, given the MCC has had so much work done on it since it’s original launching making it one of longest supported non mmo games. It makes every bit of sense tha Halo 5 should be looked at again soon, it’s newer than the mcc and is only one game so shouldn’t take long for whoever is tasked to do the job, to get it done.

Plus if it’s ported to pc, multiplayer & possibly the additon of crossplay & modding would keep the game alive for a long time.

Infinite is almost here but halo 5 still has potential to be updated, fixed and made into something ALL players will come back to like they do with the mcc.

They want the MCC to live alongside Infinite, why not Halo 5 as well?


I can only hope that Halo 5 eventually comes to PC, as of now it’s the only Halo game that isn’t on the PC


Don’t forget Halo Wars 2, it’s not on steam. The deal has to include both games, not just Halo 5.

They put Halo Wars on steam, no reason to not do the same with HW2.