Halo 5: Guardians Legendary Power Weapons Sets

During IGN stream of a exhibition match between Str8 and Optic pro teams… the commentators describe that on the level Truth, a spiritual successor to Midship, that the golden Energy Sword, with the bulky design… is called The Prophet’s Bane… which has increased lunge range and increases player movement speed. The legendary weapon seems to indicate that the iconic Type-1 Energy Sword is still available, but also that legendary power weapons could be set on specific levels, making the levels unique… so we could possibly see a legendary Gravity Hammer… perhaps The Fist Of Rukt?
Prophet’s Bane

The fact that the sword kill medals display a Sword in it’s classic shape certainly seems to suggest that this Sword is a one off and that the classic sword still exists in Halo 5.

This idea of legendary weapons certainly sounds fun and the Fist of Rukt sounds like an awesome idea.

I wonder if legendary vehicles could be a thing?

It depends on what weapons are available in game… perhaps the Legendary weapon is to ‘replace’, or implement, a unique dynamic to the map… while others could use interactive elements like map controls, doors, bridges etc.

Fist of Rukt would be an amazing add as a legendary weapon, but instead of the increased speed/lunge of the Prophet’s Bane, it would give an Overshield and the ability to “pull” an enemy spartan towards you, like Tartarus uses it to grab Guilty Spark/Miranda!

Maybe another could be the Energy Cutlass? A blade made of Needler crystal (Blamite!) that could somehow involve being able to snap the blade off in an enemy which would then explode like a supercombine? Maybe it acts as a normal energy sword where you usually only need one slash, but instead it stabs them with the crystal which breaks off and then stays in them without killing them for a few seconds before exploding into shards allowing for possible multikills?

BR55 Service Rifle will be also really cool as legendary weapon!!! or even SCRAB gun

or maybe the first ever BR:

  • XBR55 Service Rifle