Halo 5: Guardians Ideas, plots and theories.

Welcome to my new thread. If you wish to share your ideas, plots and theories this is the right place.

To start off I want to get some theories off my mind to see what you think. Halo 5: Guardians very first trailer, Master Chief has a cracked visor when the War Sphinx Type Forerunner, blows his hood off his head/helmet and on the latest live action trailers #HUNTtheTRUTH his visor is NOT cracked at all even on the Locke Trailer, chief hasn’t got a cracked visor. So I am guessing the latest trailers e.g Live Action, are before he gets confronted by the War Sphinx type enemy or ally? Who knows, but anyway I’m guessing that he’s trying to find a way to revive Cortana, that’s why he confronted this War Sphinx type machine.

Also I noticed a Covenant Cruiser destroyed in the background of Agent Lockes Live Action trailer, which is also on a concept art photo with the Infinity Ship in the sky.

In Chief’s Live Action trailer, when he walks up to Locke and then points the Magnum at Locke there is a plasma/energy like shield, covering a structure or coil of some sort, it’s pretty tall, and I am struggling to figure out what it actually is? Imagine a giant Fusion Coil with an over shield on it but blue. Is it chiefs temporary hideout? Was there something there he needed?

Forerunner Planet?
Elites Homeplanet?

The live action trailers is most definitely on Earth because of the moon in the background well to me it looks like it to me.

Other stuff:

(Locke and Chiefs Halo 5 Live Action Trailer)
Why was the Infinity ship damaged? It was like a giant war has took place with Chief and the Forerunners? against the ONI/UNSC. Is ONI making Chief look a hostile? Is ONI the real enemy? Has Chief got his own little army with Halsey? Halsey worked with the elites? Halsey said on the Spartan Ops episodes she wanted revenge after she got shot in the arm by Commander Palmer.

I have so many theories going through my mind at the moment please tell me your theories and what you think? Maybe our theories join up anyway please let me know what you think thank you!

The trailers were not on Earth, since there seemed to he two moons or something similar. And please don’t say “Forerunner Planet”, it annoys me. Unless you mean “Shield World”, there is no such thing as a Forerunner planet. It just sounds weird.