Halo 5: Guardians- Heroic Co-op w/ Achievements

I am looking for one other person, more if interested to go through the campaign as fast as possible for the Heroic co-op Achievements. I only request that we do the mandatory co-operative achievements along the way, e.g. Assassinate two elites simultaneously on Blue Team. A mic will be required, if it is not too much hassle I would also request that the person interested host the co-op, because my bandwidth is not the best. I am readily available right now, and would appreciate if you would post GT’s below, or send me a message on Xbox right now.

Thank you,


You’ll have a better chance posting over in the recruiting forums

I tried Recruiting to begin with and was getting no response so thought I’d chance my arm and get some help from here. Probably breaking a rule or two doing this though.