Halo 5: Guardians GOLD and BLACK SMG.

In Mission 2, just after you leave destroy the reactor coolent, you will find a smg with what appears to be duel ammo smg. Its gold and black, it looks like answer to the halo 3 brute shotgun. Maybe we might have a duel ammo future for the halo franchise huh?

I can’t quite tell what you mean by this, could you post a game clip or youtube video? This sounds cool though.

Yeah, I wanna find this too. Sounds amazing.

pics or it didnt happen

Need pics or vid! I want to see this.

ITS A DRILL!!!(it was floating, in jid air… so it was either funny or amazing) BUT IT LOOKED A ANSWER TO THE BROOT SHOT GUN IN HALO 3. sorry good soldiers…