Halo 5 Guardians freezes on load screen every time

Halo 5 Guardians - digital download (which has been verified by Xbox support as linked to my account) freezes every time on the load screen. I have performed all support suggestions recommended by Xbox support for trying to resolve this issue: i.e. deleting all content and restoring console to factory default, uninstalling and reinstalling game (re downloading game), removing and re-adding account, refreshing account with support, etc… After every attempt, the game freezes every time at the load screen. All other games on my console work; I have also re-installed other games without issues. Xbox support says I have done all the necessary steps and there is nothing further they can suggest to resolve this problem; the issue they say is with the game.

Is there a known bug or glitch with this game? If so, is there an expected fix or patch?

Any suggestions on how I might resolve this and get the game to properly install and load (not freezing at load screen).

(my console is an Xbox One S)

I am having the same issue. The game doesn’t seem to reinstall correctly. I have tried all the things you have and the game won’t load. I am using game disc and there are no scratches. I done the hard reset, nothing.

Let me know if you figure it out. The game worked fine last week. Every since the March 7 update it screwed it up.

I have been told by Xbox support that I have done everything possible to address the issue; they said the problem and solution lies with the game developer. I essentially have a purchased game that I have not been able to play due to this issue. I am still waiting for 343 Support to respond to my 2/16/16 post.

Same problem

same problem.

Same problem