Halo 5: Guardians Forge map Ideas

So I have noticed that the forge on Halo 5: Guardians is pretty fascinating and also infinitely vast with possibilities. Especially with the use of scripting and now prefabs but what we need is more community made maps. I had a map idea last week for a subway themed map with a moving train, two or more platforms, a “Happy” tone, and most of all a way to stop the trains and ride them to the next platform/area within the map. I would also like to challenge any and every player who would like to accept it to try and build this map with all of the above stated in their own way(if you cant do a certain thing or just don’t want ti add it in that’s fine). If you do so keep the map in your saved files and message me on Xbox live and on January first 2017 I will look at these maps and see who made the best one. But remember the most important things you need for your map is a nice aesthetic, it must play well in whatever mode you make it for, and it must most of all be in your own view of what the station should be like.

I hope you do well