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Did anyone notice how well 343 listened to us?

Meaning of Arena: An arena style game. That includes weapons spawns on the map, a rush for those weapons, and no perks/specializations or armor abilities. Making the game competitively fair.

Halo 2 Anniversary: We asked for it, and we got something even better, an entire Halo collection, that consists of all the Master Chief Halo games.

Halo BETA: We wanted a Halo 4 BETA, didn’t get one, and 343 couldn’t get our feedback, which is one of the main reasons for Halo 4 being disliked by the community. And now they got us a BETA, an early access to the game, in which we can give our feedback loud and clear.

So far, all the decisions 343 has made for the future of Halo 5, have been exactly what we wanted.

343 is giving us the treatment Bungie did during the times of Halo 2 for the release of Halo 3, and in fact even better.

343 is proving to be worthy of keeping Halo in its hands.

Lets hope they will continue to treat us as the actual developers of the game.

They took out the Armor Abilities, probably the damn perks too.

They showed some Elite footage in the Multiplayer portion of the demo right away.

“Next Gen Arena Multiplayer” they said, LET’S GO!

EDIT: The last sentence of your post OP is weird lol

> Did anyone notice how well 343 listened to us?

Maybe the very vocal people, I’m still waiting for 343i to give me what I want.

Even so, we’ve seen nothing from Halo 5 and I’m trying to hold my judgement until I see some sort of gameplay footage.

Of coarse, I’m judging them by their current actions so far.
They are currently on the right track. I mainly meant to make 343 aware that what they did was actually good. Something the old Bungie would do.
They may not be able to hear all of our wishes and demands for Halo, but at least they are working on the general and most common wishes and demands that the community has been wanting since Halo 3.