Halo 5 Guardians Campaign Legendary

Hello I’ve always liked squad based stuff, when I played Halo reach I realized squad based halo is pretty damn awesome which is why Halo 5 guardians is going to be fun in my opinion, but i’m not much for Multiplayer I like it, but i’m more a strong Campaign guy… So i’m hoping when the release of Halo 5 guardians I want a squad of three other Spartans to play the campaign with on Legendary from the start if the skulls are accessible Famine may be initiated I love campaign and I hope there are more Spartans that would enjoy it too on Day one. I know I may not get answers to this since halo is more for multiplayer but it’s been a cool dream to fight along side 3 people as we delve into halo 5 guardians as both in the eyes of Blue team and Osiris, I’ve waited for halo to be this squad based experience in a campaign setting so I rather enjoy it with a few human beings… not dumb A.I that just do stupid things. xD So yeah Spartans lets do this!

Im down. Add me: T HUD6

Down for spartan ops hcc?

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> Im down. Add me: T HUD6

Alright I’ll do that my gamertag is the same as my screen name so you can add me as well :3

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> Down for spartan ops hcc?

Hell yeah I would love to play Spartan ops I havn’t beaten the whole thing not even on the 360 version xD

Add me i cant wait for halo 5 i already pre ordered it and more of a campaign guy myself my name is my screen name