Halo 5 Guardian Statue

Anyone else think that the Guardian statue is too hard to put together?

I agree.

I wish I had it. ;(

As do I. Ha.

> 2533274894930311;3:
> I wish I had it. ;(

Judging by the early complaints there should be a plethora of them available online very soon. As for me, this is only the second time I’ve got the high end collector’s pack, and the only time I’ve got it as soon as I could. I’ll break out a welder if I have to to build that thing.

I’ve heard it’s a real pain to do. I won’t know until I get home tonight after work…

The statute, as a whole, felt cheaply made considering the $150 price tag. (I say $150 bc I took out the $100 C.E. content).

the statue is a pain in the -Yoink-, mine broke into pieces while building it because it is just to small

It looks so hard I don’t even know if I’m going to build it

I took one look at the instructions and said nope, another day.

I’m waiting until a nice YouTube tutorial pops up.

Anyone who feels bad about not being able to make this, shouldn’t feel that way. I’ve made dozens of plastic model kits, one with metal parts, but I can honestly say that this thing will be the hardest model I’ll ever make. If I can even finish it, that is.

> 2533274894930311;3:
> I wish I had it. ;(

Trust me, you don’t. Two sheets of laser cut metal that aren’t much bigger than a credit card. I’m not even bothering to build mine.