halo 5 guardian review part 1

this is a spoiler free review so please bear with me a bit okay so to to start it off campaign has a story with halo standards

  1. New worlds
  2. Witty jokes
  3. Spartan ownage
  4. Good soundtrack
    now for the downside the only problems have for campaign mode is the squad AIs. Usually I am the one who is defending them throughout halo but even I can’t deny that they are above average over operation raccoon city squad AIs and those guys such. Your fireteams do have there moments from time to time but overall they independence they should be able to know when to avoid the enemy when going for that revive not everyone get together and get downed by one guy. I hope that gets fixed abit. Other than that I have no problems.

now for war zone the multiplayer is quick to get the feel of and I LIKE IT especially if u will among those playing btb on halo 4 to prepare. Now I have seen the forums and the biggest concern at the time was magnum was to op I hoped on arena before my legendary run for campaign and well it was average it does have the power but it isn’t op I magnum users withe the underpowered AR. It all comes down to panic shots and skills nothing to wrong there

well this is part one of my review did I miss anything so far that I need to check