Halo 5 guardian BUGS!

Hey hugs I’ve been having a serious bug in my halo 5 digital download game and it would be really appreciating if u guys could help me… so when I’ve been playing recent multi-player games my teammates/players and everyone in my game would walk into walls and I couldn’t kill them, I could walk out of the map and go anywhere even in the water. … it was like my game was frozen and when I got kicked out of the game it would say unable to join… I have Uninstalled and reinstalled halong 5, I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled my account, I’ve restarted my xbox and my router… it’s not my connectionDetailed network statistics -
-download speed (29.73)
-upload speed (5.85)
-packet loss (0)
-latency (102)
-wireless strength (94%)
-mtu (1480)
If u hugs could please helprovide me with this problemorning it would be much appreciated Thank u