Halo 5 Grunts Feedback/Suggestions

This is meant as a thread for 343 to look at and consider but I’d also love to hear what the rest of you think on these suggestions. I’d also like to hear any of your feedback/suggestions on this subject as well!

I also have other topics on the rest of the enemies but altogether it was too big so I’ve separated them into their own topics to keep in line with the letter limit.

First off, I really like the improvements 343 has made to the enemies in Halo 5. I’m going to mention Halo Reach a lot in these various threads but this is because this is when most of the Covenant was at their prime gameplay wise. Granted, this game only had Covenant enemies and no Flood or Forerunner/Prometheans so it makes sense this would be the case.
I know the team is plagued by time/game restraints but if most of these features could be added upon each other over time then that would be amazing! (because I gotta face that not all of these are gonna be added all at once in one game)

Once again I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of a destroyable methane tank on the Grunts. Of course, this made them even more vulnerable and easier to kill but their grunts soooooo I see no problem in this! Thinking back on the Halo Reach grunts, this is not the change I was thinking of but it is very much a welcome one! Plus, they are intelligible again and we can hear the sweet outspoken methane voices of grunts cowering in fear as they curse the Chief’s name!

  • Dangerously Explosive Methane Tanks
    On top of the methane tanks being destroyable through weapons fire it should be somewhat combustable much like it was with the grunts in Halo Reach. Often times when they died what was left of their shot-off methane tank would fly them forward against the ground until a small tight green explosion went off and the hilarity of the moment faded. Sometimes if you were close enough (teabagging distance) you would be caught in the explosion and die. This made for some unfortunate yet hilarious moments and this is something I’d like to see brought back.
    Imagine shooting off the tank of a grunt and they’re still alive making dizzy noises as their flung all about!

  • Armored Face Mask
    In Halo Reach some of the higher-up grunts had a sort of face mask that made it so the quickest way of killing them was a 2-shot to the face (in order to remove the mask). With all these changes resulting in higher grunt death-rates they could really use something to give (a selected few) more of a fighting chance!

  • Suicide Grunts
    Last thing I’d like to suggest is a new class of grunt which focuses entirely on explosive suicide! (What!!! We were all thinking it…) Essentially, I’d like to see the suicide grunts from Halo Wars brought into the main Halo games. The suicide grunts holding two plasma grenades are all good and fun but in addition I’d like to see these suited-up grunts who have the sole purpose to fill out this duty. Obviously, you should be able to shoot this tank but maybe have it take a few shots just like other methane tanks. These grunts should also be much faster than their counterparts when charging at you with the intent to explode. This explosion should definitely take you out no matter the difficulty depending on your distance and it should do serious damage to vehicles! I’d expect to find these guys mostly in buildings where its little too late (unless your a spartan) to react after turning the corner.

What are your thoughts?

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